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Moment Bibby vs ON3P BG

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I see that geometry some how similar for these two:

Moment Bibby Pro 184 141-116-131 R: 25

ON3P Billy Goat 184 141-116-126 R: 28 or even 189 143-116-126 R:29


Are these similar purpose skis?

Blister loves Moment (I think they have a crash on anything by Moment), but not that "hot" about ON3P.

Anybody had any experience on either or preferable both?


I understand, that these are NOT true powder skis, but I think these skis are better for day next after 6" or even 20" dump (which means, these skis could be used more than like 120+ mm skis)


thank you

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Both have been reviewed extensively on TGR.  Look at Tech Talk and then use the search function and no, from memory they are not alike.

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