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Personally I think you should skip Snowbird and go to Brighton and Solitude (and a day at Snowbasin). Or just stay in Park City the whole time. At Snowbird a low intermediate could end up skiing catwalks all day. Not fun. Go where you will have fun, not just try to survive. And since economics are important tickets are cheaper there to start with and then you can get discounted tickets on top of that.

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You could look into deals at Solitude and ski Solitude and Brighton "locally" and take a day trip over to Snowbird.  Snowbird is my favourite ski resort, but I'd still rather do all 3, than 3 days in a row at the same resort.  


Everybody loves Brighton (except the middle-age and beyond angry anti-snowboarder Alta types who fear kids having fun).  


Solitude is pretty awesome too.


Our group would have loved to go back to LCC / BCC this year, but the costs and timing of flights from where we are put it a little out of reach (Colorado is still a nice consolation!).  

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   My two cents: First of all, it's really great of you to plan this- Park City is a magical ski town and now with the resorts combined, you will have a huge area to explore. Stay close to Old Town & the PC end of the resort. The idea of splitting the trip is a good one- PC always has great grooming and a HUGE variety of terrain for an intermediate skier. It will get you up and confident for the Bird. At that time of year our back bowls should also have plenty of coverage for the double blacks to be going off. Renting a car is a no brainer- the airport taxis are so expensive its a wash in some cases, and the scenery is really worth the driving. I always urge people to make the drive up to Snowbasin or Powder Mountain from PC one day too- but the way lift tickets are sold now, in packages, splitting up between resorts gets costly.


   Snowbird has a relatively new area off the Baby Thunder lift that is beginner- intermediate green terrain. Big Emma is supposed to be green, but it's pretty blue- still, with good snow, it should be fine for you. By good snow I mean fresh...not three week old worked- actually Eastern like...but that's rare in Utah, and the time you're going, early February, is usually prime snow time. 

    You should (might?) be able to handle the Blue groomers off the Peruvian Chair and even Mineral Basin if the snow is good. I had a pass there last season and I noticed that when there isn't fresh snow, the local kids and tourists & boarders all funnel into the few blues and they can get crowded. When there is fresh snow, it's some of the best skiing in the world everywhere on the resort.

   Alta doesn't get as crowded, probably because theres no boarders- it's just down the road and has this lovely Albion area that's all green, and somehow, no matter how sun baked or old the snow is anywhere else, it's always pretty velvety. There are good long Blues too. Alta, however, is the powder capital of the universe...  :cool   This will be a great trip. I came out here 25 years ago from the East and forgot to go home.

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