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new ski's and binding

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So I have gotten myself a pair a Head IC 160 ski's and Tyrolia SL100 ABS Carve bindings. Should I have a plate put in when I get the bindings installed or is it really unnecessary?

If the answer is yes, then should it be the +13mm or the +9mm plate.

I am an beginner skier and these are my first set of ski's used mostly in the icy NE.
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Well, based on the fact that you're new, and a moderate skier according to an earlier post, AND because you're not exactly on very powerful turning skis, probably not. If you want to lay down hard SL or GS turns, chances are that you're on the wrong ski anyway. Why waste the money?

I'm no gear or skiing expert, though - in fact, I really know very little about this - so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm this, but it seems to me that a riser plate would be nothing but a waste of money at this point.

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Okay, I just checked Head's website. They're calling it an All Mountain Expert ski. The dimensions of this ski are 112-64-95. It has a 14m radius. That's pretty turny - not far off from a slalom footprint, if I'm not mistaken. It's also a fast ski, and fast according to Tech Support For Skiers, who list it as intermediate to advanced. So, it might be a lot of ski, but probably not too much for you handle. I would still say don't get the riser plate, since you say you don't ski that fast, but because of the narrow waist of these skis, the more experienced guys here might have another opinion so pay attention to them!!

I would definitely recommend that you not make the mistake I did - your first time on these skis, take them down an easy, easy run. If you've been on rentals, you'll find that these are much, much faster skis, and more demanding that you ski them right. This is one of the reasons that rentals are so terrible - they really don't prepare you for a good pair of skis.

So, don't get the risers, but be prepared for a heckuva ride, the training wheels are off! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Seriously, have fun! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Those bindings (and most new bindings) already have an integrated riser plate on them.

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