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Advice on All Mountain Skis [France, Bulgaria, trip to Andorra]

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Hi all,


I have only just joined so apologies if I make a forum fo paux in writing this. 


I am and advanced skier 6 foot 1 and weigh 75 kg and am hunting for an all mountain ski that can handle about 60-70% piste and 30-40% off. I love going fast, but also really enjoy a playful ski that I can have fun with, but at the same time can hold an edge (big ask I know)


I mainly Ski in France and Bulgaria, but am going to Andorra in January.

I have a few Ideas, but some help would be much appreciated. So far i'm looking at:


Nordica Enforcers (strongly considering) but am aware that they are more of a 50/50 ski.


Blizzard Bonafide (hear very good things but apparently don't handle bumps and moguls well)


Volkl Mantras (very stiff not as playful)


Atomic Vantage 95


Rossi experience.  


I don't have the opportunity to demo hence why I want to get this right.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I am very similar to you in size and ability.  After much research, I ended up selecting the Kastle MX83's- 173.  They have a lot of energy and carve very well (two layers of metal).  They are stable and great at speed and playful enough- I would not go longer than 173 as they run long.  If you go longer, the turn radius and fun factor goes down and not in proportion to the fun factor.  It does not have any rocker which to me is good- more usable edge and the camber provides more energy. It's also a damp ski and a very smooth ride. It is a great ski however, like many pro's, it can be beneficial to have 1 or two others to round out your quiver as no one ski can ever accommodate all conditions.  It's not, as you say, "a big ask"- it's just not reality.  There is always a trade off.  The MX83 not a perfect powder ski but it is good enough overall to handle most of what you will throw at it.  Based on what you descrived, I think you will be very happy with this ski- not necessarily however with it's price but the old adage remains true...



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Yeah I have heard very good things about the kastle's, like you say though it does break the bank a bit. Especially with the price of bindings im looking at £800ish. But i suppose i'm saving money in the long run by going with quality.


 I already own a pair of black crows nocta (123mm underfoot) hence why I want to get something good on the pistes.


173 sounds very short to me, do they really run that long?


Are you aware of any other skis that have that sort of 70-30 split?


But they're deffo on my list thanks man.

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173cm in this ski is not particularly short.  It's actually the most popular length- especially at your height, weight and ability. Not really sure about the ideal 70/30 ski- lot's more qualified reviewers in here than me but you can read up.  I just know what I like.  I did ski the Volkl RTM81 last year and really liked it- great for carving, mild rocker but no camber (hence the new Kastles).  I get the impression you are looking for one ski that will do it all- if you find it, let me know otherwise, buy 2-3 quality ski's to cover the gaps.  

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