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My left boot

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I posted last season on a problem i was having with my left boot.  For some reason my foot was shifting to the left so when i skied i would get excruciating pain on the outer metatarsel. I went to a professional boot fitter before last season and he made a few adjustments and gave me a new foot bed.  it didnt help so i went back and he shaved down the base of the inner boot a bit then gave me a better foot bed and made some adjustments with a wedge and then adjusted the canting. it feels better now but im afraid that when i go ski the pain will come back and it will be another $2K spent on a ski trip that i did not enjoy.  i also feel like my skiing technique may be causing the pain.  when i make sharp left turns i really dig the edges of my feet down hard. So im still trying to figure out of its the boot, my foot, my technique or all of the above.  


My boots are head raptor project - its a professional boot. the last is 98mm but probably 99 now since i had it blown out just a bit last yr.


thanks so much

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you have tried bootfitting twice, maybe try the lesson?

also, try adding padding to the liner, on either side of the pressure point.

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is the pain on the side or the bottom of the metatarsal?

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Above is a pic of the bone structure of the foot.


At the proximal (Rear) end of the fifth metatarsal is an attachment for the peroneus brevis muscle/tendon group---can you describe exactly where along this bone you are having the problem.



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Thanks Mike- the pain is pretty much right in that spot 

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Easy fix---stretch or grind the offending part of the shell---but then you need a good boot fitter to do it right.  Where are you located, maybe we can recommend someone.



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