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I have a pair of 24.5 ~2013 Dalbello Scorpion SR 130’s.  When my bootfitter subbed in a race-up lace liner (from a Rossi Z-Series) and my old Conformable foam tongue, they fit surprisingly well.  And I like how they ski.  My only issues are (A) the stiff throat extending up from the lower shell makes them a bear to get on and off (I’ve had race boots before, but these are in a class by themselves); and (B) at the point where that throat curves upward it creates a horizontal line of pressure at the inner crease of my ankle (at the front, where the top of my instep meets my shin).  


As you know, the next generation, the ~2014 DRS 130, added a softer (bi-injected?) throat, and the current generation, the 2016 DRS 130, adds cuff canting.


A couple of questions for those experienced with these boots (my bootfitter doesn’t carry them):


1) I understand the new, softer throat makes entry/exit easier.  But might it also reduce the pressure at the front of my ankle (I don't know exactly where they've softened it)?


2) Except for the two changes I mentioned above, are the shells of all three of these versions the same -- i.e., should they fit and ski (flex, stance, etc.) the same (ignoring changes in the stock liner, which I don't use anyways)?


I can’t just try on the newer model, because nobody near me stocks them.  And in any event, that wouldn’t tell me if it skis the same.

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