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Warning, blonde joke...

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Care of Sarah Kennedy, a blonde radio presenter...
Two blondes die and go to heaven. When they get there, they start talking. The first one asks the second, “How did you die?”
The second replied, “I froze to death”
“That must have been terrible”
“Not really. At first it was bad. Then as it got colder, my body started to go numb, so I didn’t really notice, and in the end, it was quite peaceful”
They sat around for a few minutes, then the second asked the first “So, what about you, how did you die?”
“Well, I died of a heart attack”
“But you’re young, how did it happen?”
“I knew my husband was having an affair, so I came home early one afternoon. He was in the kitchen, alone. I ran upstairs to the bedroom. There was no one there. I ran down to the basement. There was no one there. I ran up to the attic. No one was there either, but I was sure she was in the house. As I ran back down to the kitchen, I had a heart attack from all the exercise, and I died.”
“Oh, that is sad” said the second, “and to think, if you’d looked in the freezer in the first place, we might both still be alive”
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And that's how I lost both my wife and girlfriend.
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