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Oakley Prizm

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Its shoulder season at the resort so we're stocking the stores with new merchandise and helping each other get all the stores in the village ready for the upcoming season. 

Today I had the pleasure of working at the Oakley store so I spent time dusting shelves, cleaning lens' and reading some of the product information brochures.  

I've heard about the  Prizm technology by Oakley but I have not experienced it first hand. 

Can someone here enlighten me about how well it works? 

Here is a video about how the technology was developed, and what its supposed to do. 

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I use and sell oakley prizm products.  In my personal experience they do everything that they say in the video, both enhance contrast in the snow and are very versatile.  I use my prizm (Jade Iridium) in all light conditions and I haven't had any issues with it from whiteout to bluebird.  Also, any customers that come back in the shop only have positive things to say about these goggles. There aren't any negatives of the prizm lenses versus a standard lens, only positives. In my opinion Oakley hit it on the nose with these.

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Lets start by saying i am a massive Oakley fan... own 29 pairs of glasses and 5 goggles... i have experience with Prizm golf lenses and Prizm Snow...


Prizm Golf these lenses are awesome you see the ball in the air far better and the contrasts of the greens for reading putts etc... the lens is a bit on the light side so a cap has to be worn if a very sunny day....


This is where i got worried about the Snow lenses and their low VLT -


Prior to buying Prizm lenses i was using Airbrake frames with Hi-yellow and Emerald lenses after deciding that persimmon was awful... 


emerald 10-13% Oakleys darkest equal lens

Hi-yellow 78-81% Oakley's second lightest only to clear lens


I used the Emerald in sunny days and Hi yellow in overcast and cloudy days... I purchased the Prizm Rose lens before my New Years trip to Val Thorens in France... I used the Rose lens first there... Day 1 was a white out, - 25*C and snowing hard and i used my trusty Hi yellow and was a fun day in some cold powder. As the week progressed i began using the Rose lens more and more, week was mostly sunny days, Emerald in direct sun and then as the sun went down i went to the Rose lens...


Skied a few times back in Scotland in typical conditions and pushed myself to use the Prizm Rose lens over the Hi Yellow, Scottish skiing has a lack of trees so when its a white out it really is a white out... a couple of times i went back to my Hi Yellow and was more comfortable in those conditions.


Skied in Verbier, Switzerland for 5 days in mid February and progressed to not using my Hi-Yellow lens at all... good light was my Emerald lens and any low light i just swapped in the Rose Prizm lens...


Again skied a little more in Scotland and continued the trend of only using Emerald or Prizm Rose lens....


Did my annual SLC trip in early April, as usual i got my usual very warm sunny days and some decent powder, first 3 days; sheet ice to a whiteout and heavy snow. After the first three days i said to myself that i like the Prizm Rose lens that much now i was going to purchase the Prizm Black lens... luckily enough for me my other half was listening and when we visited the Oakley Store in PC she gave me a lovely surprise of the Prizm Black lens and i used it the last 2 days of the trip and loved it...


So to summarise i wasn't a fan at first of the Rose but the more i used the lens the more i liked it, i am now a convert to the Prizm lenses and was even looking to buying my other half a pair to replace her Anon M1s but waiting to get a good deal as they are not cheap for pairs with two Prizm lenses... One thing i do find weird that the VLT is certainly pretty low on all the snow lenses and my golf one is a lot brighter.... In my little box for this season is Prizm Black, Prizm Rose and still hiding away is my Hi-Yellow but doubt i will use it.... 

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I bought the Prizm Rose last season and it's almost hard to explain the clarity they provide. I had no issues using them on sunny days, either. Will probably pick up some of the jade for my husband that we can swap out since we don't ski together very many days anyway.

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All I know is I have a quiver of quick change lenses that I no longer need.

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My review on the Prizms is pretty consistent with everyone above. After my Zeal Detonators with the spherical, polarized and photochromic lenses got trashed early last season, I picked up a pair of Flight Decks (also love those!) with the Prizm Rose lenses. I ski mostly in the east so clouds, trees and shadows are pretty much the norm. I think the contrast they offer is superb, and even though I went for the lightest version, they handle full sun very well. I only swap out to neutral grey when out west and above tree line on bright days or late spring when the sunshine is plentiful. Moreso than other strongly colored tints, I find that after a minute or two I don't see the pink tint anymore. It's strange, there is definitely a funky pink/blue thing going on in the shadows but colors become very neutral, and I don't even have an overwhelming shift to blue when I take them off.

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Fantastic lens and they do what the marketing says they do.  Less about VLT, but more about contrast so they essentially can make a lens with a lower VLT that has both the benefit of brightness reduction without a great decrease in contrast. (I think that's also why they don't overtly publish them)


Where I find it helps the most is that we ski in variable light conditions.  It could be a bluebird day, but they will be shadows in the trees, or other shaded areas which those super dark lenses hinder sight.  With the Prizm there really is very little can see well in all conditions in or out of the sun.


Some people don't like the rose they all have a rose base (something to due with how it treats blue light coming in and the reason it was best to use).  But for me, my go to lens was the Pink Iridium (not so great in super sunny days though) so I'm used to it and don't mind.  I find the Black Prism covers the range of the old Black Iridium to most of the Pink Iridium's range.  The Rose Prizm covers the lower bound of the old Black Iridium all the way to just beyond the lower bound of the Pink Iridium.  At nighttime clear or Hi Intensity Yellow are still best.


Truly is one of those "you have to try and see it to believe it."  Everybody I know that's tried them on the mountain have all been floored as to how good these are.  Crappy thing for retailers is it's also something hard to "see" in the shop.

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Mostly echoing what's been said above...


I have Prizm Rose and Prizm Black.The Rose is just a great lens. I think it's slightly better than the HI Yellow for low light, and I strongly prefer the rose base tint over the yellow base tint. Surprisingly, the Prizm Rose does fine in bright light too... something the HI Yellow is terrible for.


The Prizm Black is a good lens too and does a better job at handling shadows than other sunny day lenses. But honestly, I don't think lens choice is critical in bright sunshine so it doesn't have the wow factor that the Prizm Rose does in low light.

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I wandered into the oakley store at north las vegas premium outlets and they carried ski googles there. Over the turkey day weekend they were giving away unknown coupon mine was #0% off so picked up a pair of the prizm ski goggles here

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