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Patagonia R1 hoody as a mid layer

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Hi, I'm planning to buy the Patagonia R1 to wear as a mid layer under my shell on Not cold days and under my shell+arcteryx atom lt hoody during very cold days.

i like the hoodie version for the versatility un other activities and for the option tu use it as a balaclava under my ski helmet on really very cold days. My question is: is uncomfortable the R1 hoodie version under a hoodie shell? Maybe for my putooss is better the pull over version?

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As a mid-layer the hoods always get in my way.
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The R1 Hoodie is a very versatile 4 season piece. But I also have to agree the hood gets in the way. I have all the pieces you listed above and this is what I do for skiing.

Merino Baselayer (long sleeve crew, not ¾ zip) - nano vest - outer shell - balaclava on head - helmet. Atom LT in pack.

When it gets super cold, balaclava goes back in pocket, nano vest goes in pack and I wear Atom LT. Atom LT hood can go over helmet, or stuff rolled behind neck (both functional). If snow drops wet can put outershell hood over both helmet and Atom Hoody and its really way too hot at that point. If its extremely cold only then do I go balaclava under all of that.

The R1 Hoody is at its best during nonsnowsports fall camping on the trail or even early morning hikes during Spring/Summer. Also early morning runs. Also, alittle annoying because the zip is off center when it gets to the neck area/balaclava chin closure. When it is unzip when not in use there is a big Triangle portion that is flapping and in the way.

You get more versatility with regular non hoodie R1 pullover and a separate balaclava than the R1 Hoodie.
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I agree. Just get a good balaclava and the regular R1 pullover. I have three of them and they are actually my base layer. If the day is cold, my mid layer is a down sweater and if the day is warm there is no mid layer, just the R1 and the shell.
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I disagree. I love my R1 hoody. Easy to take the hood on and off. Easier to deal with than a balaclava. It's not stuffed in some pocket. You can't drop it on the lift (or anywhere). Its always there when you need it - can't forget it at home. Just the right amount of warmth and coverage. Doesn't block your mouth but covers your face really well. I pair it with a cut-down neoprene mask on the really cold days (for cheek/nose coverage). Though chapstick works as well (yes, on the face).

Not sure how it gets in the way. You either tuck it into your jacket or you're wearing it?
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Also easy to put on with one hand while you hold your helmet in the other. Balaclavas are really hard to put on with one hand. I often put it on for the lift ride up and take it off either when skiing or when I get to the bottom of a run. Balaclavas are too much of a hassle to put on and take off with that level of frequency. I can also unzip it and leave the hood up to ventilate instead of messing with it. You can't do that with a balaclava. You either sweat and overheat or you have to take it off. The R1 Hoody is an infinitely better option in my experience.
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