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Is the Line Sick Day 95 too much for me?

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At the end of last season REI had a great sale on a pair of sick days 95's.  I bought a pair and mated it with a set of Salomon bindings.  I got the smallest ski offered, which is a 173.  I started on a pair of 150's about 6 years ago, then went to 157, then 165.  Bear in mind I'm only 5'4" tall and would describe myself as advanced intermediate maybe?  I was worried about going to the 173's and they definitely go over my head lol, but for the price I was intrigued. My other ski are the Blizzard Magnum CA 8.0 in 165 that I have had no problems with. 


My first thoughts on the Sick Days was surprise that they carved so well for a 95cm under foot. I was having a blast on the front side, which I thought would be their week point.  My issue however was that they sometimes felt like they were getting away from me and seemed too fast at times.  I assume more ski means more speed.  I bought these because I want to start exploring more of the mountain and would like to advance my skills even though I still spend most of the time on groomed trails.


Also I've only spent a day and half on them at Stowe last season.  Should I grow into these skill wise or might it be the wrong ski for my size at 5'4" and 165ish?

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If you have no problems with the Magnum at 165, you'll have no problems with the Sick Days at 173. If anything I would think they have a shorter effective edge given the rocker in tips and tails. 


A shorter ski might be nice if you're in tight trees and bumps. But I think you'll appreciate the 173s if you ever travel out West to bigger, more open spaces. 

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Line SD is rocked ski, so the effective edge is NOT 173, right? It might be a little bit harder for you to manage it in the tight chutes and may be trees (harder is not impossible), but you would appreciate it way more during 6" of fresh and in open bowls. I would give ski a season of tries and see how you would like it; if it won't work, you bought it cheap, means you could always sell it and recover most of the money.

P.S. the answer is also would be based on your location. If your hills are like 500 ft long -> more turns, and long ski are not the best in it (medium and long turns are prefer). but based on your previous input that you manage 165 skis just fine, I would assume that Line SD could be just fine.

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You should be fine. Skis in general have gotten longer again. 20 years ago, everybody skied on skis that were over their heads. 10 years ago, most people's skis came to their noses. Now technology has allowed skis to grow again. 6 years ago all of my skis were in the 165 range, now my shortest ski is a 178. So you're just following the trend, don't worry about it. 

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