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Which boot for my curvaceous and weird feet?

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I currently have a pair of first generation Fischer Vacuum 130s, cooked twice and punched in the sixth toe, with ZipFit World Cup liners and footbeds thermofitted for me by SierraJim many seasons ago.  After four seasons on the Vacuums, it's probably time to move on, if not this season, then next, especially with the ZipFits starting to tear from repeated insertions.


I have weird feet.  Kind of like a double hourglass.  Wide forefoot, almost no arch (born flatfooted but subjected to orthotics) but a high plateau above it, narrow heel, strongly protruding ankle, skinny calf right above the ankle, and fat calf above.  I was a problem fit for the Vacuums because of my high plateau and forefoot width, and we had to swap out a longer ladder buckle to make them work at all.


As far as skiing technique, I would put myself closer to the power end of the power-finesse scale.  My turns tend more to GS than SL, I like longer turn radius skis, I like some stack in my binding, even with wider skis.


I weigh about 215, and often ski with a well laden pack.  I typically get about 40-45 days on snow in a season, almost entirely lift-served, but with a fair amount of bootpacking to sidecountry.  I do not own tech/dynafiddle bindings, but it wouldn't suck to have that option at some point.


My attention was piqued by reading a boot comparo earlier today that mentioned the Head Hammer 130.  I haven't skied a cabrio boot, but a nice stiff one that apparently features a thermomoldable shell sounds like the kind of three-piece that could work for me.  It is rated as a low-volume boot, but I'm not sure how much the thermomolding would address that.  Unfortunately, it's a brand new boot, and there's not much information about it.


Anyway, oh brains of the boot world, what should I be trying on at my local fit shop?

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very difficult without seeing the foot and how it sits in different shells, but my gut is saying if the Fischer has worked for 4 seasons, you know what needs to be done to make it work then stock with it and get the up to date version of what you have


the thermomoldable shell on the hammer is like many of the thermo shells out there, it contours the shell really nicely but please  don't expect it to bend around lumps and bumps as much as the Fischer plastic.

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Thanks. Obviously, just looking for ideas for what to shell fit at this point. Any others I should try?
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