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Three Little Words...

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Seems like a good idea.

THREE LITTLE WORDS.. I suppose some degree of
commerce would grind to a halt if telephone solicitors
weren't able to call people at home during dinner
hour. But that doesn't make it any more pleasant.
Now Steve Rubenstein, a
writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has proposed
"Three Little Words"
based on his brief experience in a telemarketing
operation that would stop
the nuisance for all time. The three little words
are "Hold On, Please."
Saying this while putting down your phone and
walking off instead of hanging
up immediately would make each telemarketing call
so time-consuming that
boiler rooms would grind to a halt. When you
eventually hear the phone
company's beep-beep-beep tone, you know it's time to
go back and hang up
your handset, which has efficiently completed its
task. This might be one of
those articles you'll want to e-mail to your
friends. Three little words
that eliminate telephone soliciting.


When you get ads in your phone or utility bill,
include them with the
payment let the companies throw them away.

When you get those pre approved letters in the mail
for everything from
credit cards to 2nd mortgages and junk like that,
most of them come with
postage paid return envelopes, right? Well, why not
get rid of some of your
other junk mail and put it in these cool little

Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to
American Express. Send the
pizza coupon to Citibank.

If you didn't get anything else that day then just
send them their
application back! If you want to remain anonymous,
just make sure your name
isn't on anything you send them. You can send it
back empty if you want to
just to keep them guessing!

Eventually, the banks and credit card companies will
begin getting their
junk back in the mail. Let's let them know what it's
like to get junk mail,
and the best of it is that they're paying for it!

Let's help keep our postal service busy since they
say e-mail is cutting
into their business, and that's why they need to
increase postage again!
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ehh, not a bad idea...
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I knew a guy once who had the same idea. Ok, not quite the same but close. He took some of those check boxes; filled them with those gifts the dog leaves in the backyard and taped the return envelope to the top. While I think it would work with the trash mail, his idea seemed to be apropos.

He also decided that Christmas time thieves were a sorry lot. So, he took a couple of big dumps, dropped them in some old Nordstrom’s boxes and left them in the back of his pickup out at the mall. They were gone when he came back. Merry Christmas thief.

You know this is bringing back memories. And I, er, my buddy still has a dog, a different dog but .... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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