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Is this that screwy course that Ante set at Sochi?


This screwy, even if its not that one!




Sykora is certainly having fun with it!!.


hairpin into hairpin into delay into hairpin,  diagonal flushes, royal flushes, everyuthing !!!

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It is that one. I still don't know if it was good or bad, on one side I would say it was good, as if you want to win Olympics, you should be able to ski a bit more then just bang bang straight down in same rythm. On the other side, I'm not sure if it's good commercial for sport, when some of "suppose to be" best skiers, ski like total beginners. But then I don't think it's course setter problem, but skiers problem, who obviously can't handle anything but completely standard setting.

But either way, you won't see his settings anymore. I could dare to bet, Ivica will never be top 15 again in any of disciplines, so this means no course setting function for Ante anymore.

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I totally think he was right to do it and we should have these more often. Yeah - some of them looked like complete amateurs - I remember a few stopping after the hairpin-hairpin-delay, miss the next hairpin and look up WTF like I do all the time :)


And there was some really offset stuff in there...


You can hear Sykora saying this is crazy after flush into flush over the pitch or something and then giggling - he loved it !!!!

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