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Add Second Pair To Quiver Or Replace Scratch BC's?

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Long time bear/lurker coming back to the fold for some advice... Wondering if I should replace my one ski quiver or just add a second pair to the quiver. Background, I'm 36, 6'3" 175lbs, live in Durango, CO and ski Telluride, Purgatory and Wolf Creek. Been skiing for 25 years and consider myself an advanced skier with bad form... wink.gif  I routinely ski double blacks and some chutes, always looking for untracked snow inbounds and love finding natural features to air off, ducking in and out of the trees, very seldom ride switch and groomers aren't very important to me but it's nice to lay down some GS turns in the late day when the legs wear out. I only get about 10 ski days a year so I can't justify spending too much... My current skis are 2007 Rossi Scratch BC WRS 185cm (traditional camber 128/98/121). I've actually been very happy with them as all mountain tools but I'd really like something a little wider with some rocker for the days that I get to ski 6" - 24" powder. My home mountain, Purgatory, isn't too steep and my current skis quickly get bogged down when the snow gets over 6" deep. So, do I buy a new quiver killer such as the Cochise, Rocker2, Supernatural 108, Bibby, Opus, etc. or keep the Scratch BC's and add a 120mm ski for the powder days... (Megawatt, Bodacious, Squad 7, ???) I'd love to hear your input, thanks!
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I'd replace them with a wideish, playful OSQ. 


Armada JJ

DPS 112rp

Supernatural 108

Billy Goat


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I had a pair of those.  Nice skis all mountain skis, but not much float, even for a 98mm.  They didn't have any rocker and due to Rossi's concept of length and the twin they skied much shorter than the advertised 185cm.  Also the flex and mount point didn't seem to encourage a floaty tip.  But they were decent in the groomers, crud and trees.   (Memory flashback: I once skied mid-thigh deep snow on those skis.  I know how deep it was since my skis were running pretty close to the bottom!) 


If you only ski 10 days a year I'd focus on the OSQ concept and rent something 120mm+ if you get lucky enough to have a really big dump day. Now, which ski?  That's a good question....

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I've received some recommendations for the Billy Goat and also several on the Automatic. The Billy Goat looks like a great ski but sure is expensive, even used! After reading some reviews the Rocker 2 / Q 115 looks like a solid contender also, more so than the Automatics. Any thoughts?

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If you like the Rossignol feel, and consider Scratches to be an all mountain tool, IMO you'd enjoy the Super 7's. Vast range of abilities and terrains, the rocker and light weight as much as the extra 18 mm make it an excellent powder ski. The Squad will have similar dims blown out a bit but a more serious ski that may feel a bit much for someone your weight in tight places. If I were hoarding money, though, I'd go for a Sollie Rocker2 in 122; plenty around new from last couple seasons, shares some of that Rossi ease and float, bit more playful.
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Also, consider the Rossi Sickle.   I like them much better than the Super 7, way more versatile.  


See more here:


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