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Opedix Tights

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I know that several people here have reviewed Opedix tights; I've read the reviews and they look very good.  My question is, are they really that much better than some other, much cheaper, knee support wraps or braces?  Anyone have experience with typical knee support systems and Opedix?  Is Opedix worth the premium of $200 over other knee support systems at about 1/4 the cost?  Let me know what you think.

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Comparing compression tights to knee wraps or braces is not a good comparison.  

The Compression tights like Opedix are good support and give energy back to your muscles but not designed to be an actual knee brace. 

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TC is correct. If you expect that Opedix or CW-X tights can perform like a knee brace you will be disappointed at best and injured at worst. I wear CW-X 3/4 length tights for muscle support early in the season. After I get 10-12 days in they aren't as important, but early on they keep my legs from getting sore even after a hard day of skiing. YMMV
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okay, thanks for the comments.

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