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Smart Knee Brace

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Hello everybody,


We started developing a knee brace which monitors dangerous movements for the ligaments of the knees during ski descends. We have a working prototype, but we need to know your opinion about this.


Watch the demo and give some feedback here:


Thank you !

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Cannot see the plug in, although not blocking at my end. That said, curious about how fast your prototype can monitor and more relevantly, react to torsional stresses. My understanding is that if loaded and extended, the ACL goes very fast, without much additional movement. So by the time my iphone has alerted me, my ACL's toast.


Which is why all existing mechanical braces have been shown to be useless in preventing initial injuries. If they worked preventatively, NFL teams would require them, for starters.  Braces are useful for stabilizing an already injured knee, and for preventing additional injury to OA joints, but those are other issues. Or not? Maybe the elusive video will answer this.


You might do something cool with direct biofeedback, some kind of earpiece that sounds when the user's parameters are getting problematic, for kinesthetic training. 


Incidentally, your page would benefit from an edit by someone who's strong in English.  


Good luck!

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Is it a brace or a sensor? Looks short to be a brace!
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