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Warren: So what do you “naturally” look like?
Me: Imagine a cross between Rutger (70% ) and Max (30%) with light brown, not blonde, hair.



Warren: Whoa. The Gods really zinged you.
Me: Watch what you’re saying Warren. Hillary and Liz rate me in the 45th percentile, which means I'm better looking than 45 out of 100 guys. BTW, you’re not exactly Clint Eastwood. 



Warren: If I weren't bald I’d be better looking than you.
Me: Woulda coulda shouda. Subject change. Rumor has it that in the mid 1960s you were able to pop a double daffy that would make Jonny Moseley jealous. 
Warren: No comment (big smile).
Me: I take that as a yes. SC. I'm trying to find a 1st-lot copy of "Around The World On Skis" (1962) in mint or near mint condition. Not easy.
Warren: I’ll see what I can do.
Me: Thanks Warren.