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New hard shell jacket/need advice

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After about 3 years of using my North Face Terkko summit series jacket, it seems that time has worn it off. There is no impermeability remaining, water just soaks in the first layer instantly...i guess i should make a water resist treatment with one of those special sprays they have, but figuring that it is also scratched and i look like a hobo wearing it, i'm better off buying a new one and keeping this one as a reserve/dirty chore jacket.

After looking through many hard shells , i've come down to these:

North Face Free Thinker jacket ( steep series ) https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/mens-free-thinker-jacket-cnx5?variationId=8K9

Mammut Nordwant Pro jacket (either normal or limited edition one)    normal: http://www.backcountry.com/mammut-nordwand-pro-jacket-mens   

                                                                                                    limited :http://www.backcountry.com/mammut-nordwand-pro-le-jacket-mens?s=a

North Face new 2015 summit series that they just released      https://www.thenorthface.com/shop/en/tnf-us/mens-summit-L5-shell


I am 186cm tall , fit physique.

I've always been crazy about quality in clothes, and i always wear very good mountain outwear , even in the city. That means that i look for the BEST in slot item out there, even if i might not be going on Everest.

What i will mainly be using this jacket for is skiing, cold nights during summer at the mountain , hiking, and possibly alpinism (though HIGHLY unlikely to be climbing during the winter and needing this one) + city wear during winter.


Free thinker has 3 layers of goretex PRO , which is prob at 28k permeability and 25k breathability ; 70 denier which is usually the best one when it comes to weight ratios/durability. +long fit ;unfortunately the powder skirt can't be taken off ; looks really nice

Nordwand pro normal is quite the same ( i think ) as the free thinker, 3L goretex pro ; 70 denier ; powder skirt can be taken off ; normal fit ; looks really nice

Nordwand pro LE is basically the same, just that it has two different thicknesses of goretex pro 3-layer material :150D for the higher wear areas, such as where your pack straps rub, and a slightly more breathable 70D for the main body of the jacket.

New summit series : this one has the north face version of the goretex , the hyvent/dryvent (never heard good stuff about them)..they are rated lower than the goretex pro 3 layer;normal fit..so yeah


also please check the links above, there are more specifications there.


The only ones that i can go in the store and try out are the mammut ones; the northface distributor in my country doesn't have the freethinker(steep) line ; nor the new summit series...so i will have to order through them directly ...so if i were to choose the free thinker, which is long fit, i wouldn't know how well it would fit me mainly because in the store they don't have any other long fit ones.

However, out of all of them i am leaning towards either free thinker/mammut LE . The only + that the LE has over free thinker seems to be the 150 denier parts of the jacket.


Any advice ?



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I've been using Mammut gear for about two seasons now.  I reserve mine for skiing, but that's about 100 days in my case.  Still going strong, still looks good, still resists the elements, etc.


I think I have the "Alyeska" model, so not exactly the one you were considering, but I'd say Mammut makes quality products that will outperform the needs of just about anybody. 

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TNF is being really really weird about the Summit series.    The TNF shop near me had /one/ of the new Summit jackets in as a display prop during the summer.      I fondled it, liked it,  then when I went to buy it (September), I was told that only mountaineering specialty shops and TNF stores in select cities will be carrying the line.     So, yeh, I can't buy it either, not without mail ordering    :confused

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TNF gear has a lifetime warranty. It's worth giving them a call about your issue.
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ty for your replies :)

anyone that had any experience with the jackets listed above ?

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