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What are your 2015/2016 Goals? [for snowboarding]

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The 2015/2016 season will soon be upon us, what are your goals, hopes, aspirations for this year?


I am working on improving in 3 areas:


   1) Riding switch - I ignored this for years and years and it is time to correct it, I want to be able to strongly ride switch.

   2) Tricks - switch FS/BS 180s and 360s, and solidly doing regular of the same. Perhaps a 540 if the former is locked down. I am following the advice from snomie.com but can't find the link.

   3) Riding real steeps - Jackson Hole last season showed me a new level of steep. I would like to improve my understanding of steeper terrain with features.


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We had a similar thread last year http://www.epicski.com/t/129453/what-are-your-personal-goals-for-the-2014-15-season


It was great to see other ideas. Here's my update -- 


Last Year. 2014-15 GoalsLots of DNF (Did Not Finish) to be carried over. 

1. Complete. Ski 30 days. (i.e. 1 / 12th of the year.) 
2. DNF. Encourage my significant other to become a confident, blue-groomer skier. Mostly. Had a set-back, but zooming down easy blues by end of the year. 
3. DNF. Attend a FOBP On The Snow class. 
4. DNF. Only 4. Earn my turns for 5 days. Or at least semi-earn (shuttling allowed.)  
5. Complete. Ski 4 days at Winter Park (i.e. use up my 4 pack.)
6. Complete. Wow! Ski 3 days at Crested Butte. 
7. Complete. Overnight in the Astro van. At least twice. 
8. DNF. Spend a night in one of Luvs warming huts. (Prefer Chair 8). Ski by moonlight.
9. Semi-Complete. Not sure I did it without stopping, but form got a lot better. Ski Avalanche Bowl to Zoom (at Luv) with grace and confidence after they are bumped up. And not just in hero snow. Without stopping.

10. DNF. Only 2. Take at least 3 semi-private lessons. 
11. Complete. Land a 180.
12. DNF (and Did-Not Attempt)Land a 360.
13. Complete. Drop a 5ft boulder/tree/etc.
14. Complete. Buy real ski boots from a bootfitter.
15. See ListSki (not "negotiate") the following runs at Luv: Complete-Marmot, DNF-Rock Chutes, Complete-Tickler, Complete (no-huck)-No 4 Headwall, Complete-Wild Child, and DNF (Closed most of season after huge avy)-Super Bowl.
16. DNF. Take one "sick day" when it dumps over a foot.


So for 2015-16...Carrying over the following that were DNF.

1. Keep helping my SO have more fun on the hill. Lesson pack already purchased.

2. Attend FOBP On the Snow class.

3. Earn turns for 5 days. 

4. Work on bump form and endurance.

5. Take some lessons (2? 3?).

6. 360!

7. Ski Rock Chutes, Super Bowl. 

8. Take a "sick day" and ski. (Particularly, ski Vail for the first time.)



9. Don't get hurt!

10. Ski 30 days. (Part of "ski my age for as long as I can.")

11. Complete my 4 planned ski vacations in some fashion. 

           - 3 days with Mom and sister @ Copper.

           - 3 days at Crested Butte with the crew and their families.

           - SW Colorado Ski Safari in the Astro van.: http://www.epicski.com/t/143080/southwest-colorado-ski-safari-beta-on-monarch-wolf-creek-purgatory-silverton-powderhorn

           - Long weekend at the 'Ghee / JH and visiting friend in Driggs. 

12. Ski 5 new resorts from the following list: Monarch, Wolf Creek, Purgatory, Silverton, Powderhorn, Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, Vail, Taos.

13. Reserve e-tow cabin at Loveland on my 30th birthday. Have silly amounts of fun. 


More to come?

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Only one snowboard goal for me this season: see how few days on a board I can get. I plan on teaching at Deer Valley this year.

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It was my first year out this past season so I need to get better at carving.. All I need to do and I'm fine. I don't go out for tricks or the park.. just go out to have fun and enjoy it :) I got better towards end of last season so hoping this is my year to catch on with carving the mountain better. My bf and I are going to Utah in February so definitely excited for that :) 

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  1. Improve riding switch in bumps
  2. Learn to ride rails / boxes
  3. Gain confidence on bigger jumps
  4. Use at least 13 days on my Mountain Collective pass
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-Reach the top of the pipe...oh...that beautiful pipe :) I've been in it a little bit, enough to go down stable without falling...I'm already in love with the swoopy feel.

-Try my first tamedog :) ever since I started snowbording, I've wanted to do a flip and now I'm at a skill level that I would feel comfortable trying

-Take the double black path into the trees instead of the blue path

-Confidently ride the small box (maybe medium box if I'm feeling particularly ambitious...)

-Move on to medium jumps

-Upgrade my board to a Rossignol Tesla Amptek Girls board in size 136 (I'm currently going on season 4 with my Firefly Whoop 130 board...I'm due for something new)


I know it's not a huge impressive list but it's things I want to accomplish.

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