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Keefer Lake Cat Skiing

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Any BC Bears know anything about these guys, who are starting up this year? 

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Not sure, but they followed me on Instagram which is how I heard about them first. The terrain looks interesting from the little I've seen, but still far out of my price range.

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I'm going to be in that area next season, was thinking about some heliskiing with Kingfisher. Appears these guys are on more or less the same tenure. 

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Lots of sledding going on in the area, so not sure how that will play out.  There's good tree skiing, but no idea what their roads are like.


Probably the least scenic, smallest mountains, weakest snow pack of the 4 operations in the range. Mustang>K3>Monashee>Keefer. 


Although I don't want to discredit them, as the snow is usually good and the terrain is very Monashee and very fun.

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You rate K3 over Monashee?
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I haven't skied with mustang or monashee so can't really comment on the overall picture. But i have been sledding/hiking in the area of all 4. 


mustang>k3>monashee> keefer. is how they are laid out N to S. 


As you go north to south. The mountains get smaller, and the snowpack gets thinner. The alpine pretty much disappears around keefer, and the scars of logging become more prominent.  So based on location, that's how i would rate them, but a lot more goes into the guest experience than that. 


I do like k3 because they have easy access for day trips. But I wouldn't want to stay in Revelstoke and do multi day. It's too far and the road closes all too frequently, especially when the skiing is at it's best. 



I think cat skiing is fun. And would be a great time at any of those 4 choices. 

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You know anything about Kingfisher? Especially vis-a-vis Eagle Pass?

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