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Ski Innsbruck November

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Someone knows if Innsbruck is good for beginners skiing in November 2015? Thanks! 

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For November, you'd need to get to one of the glaciers. I think Stubai and Hintertux are the closest to Innsbruck. The non-glacial resorts in the area are too low to count on snow cover next month.

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Stubai, Solden, Hintertux, and maybe Obergurgl/Hochgurl when they open.  Pitztal too.

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I've been to Solden in November.  Great place.  Can't remember geographical relationship to Innsbruck.


Only have been to Stubital in mid winter.  Good beginner area.  Near Innsbruck but still a distance from town.  Innsbruck had (has?) a daily 'ski bus' that would leave downtown in the AM and return in the PM. 


Hintertux was on my Spring skiing list.  Nice area. Bit off the beaten path. Worth checking out.


None of these areas are very big.


My Austria experiences are mostly over 25 years ago.  Been back a few times this century.  Still love the place. 

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Soelden is about 80km from Innsbruck (plus some 15km of mountain road up to glacier, as there's no skiing down in valley in November), and it's not highway, so personally I would say way too far to drive there daily. Same goes for Hintertux. Stubai is better option, but it's still close to 1h drive from Innsbruck. It all depends what is close for you, but if I would go skiing, I would personally settle in one of villages around (Soelden, Hintertux, some of villages in Stubaital) go skiing from there, and then on afternoon, when you have time drive to Innsbruck.

If you basically go for holidays to Innsbruck and surrounding, and you just want to go skiing once or twice, then it's perfectly fine, and you will easily survive that hour to 1.5h of drive that morning when you go skiing.

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Thank you!!! Actually, I am planning to go just for skiing in a nice beginners area. It doesn't matter so much to stay so close to Innsbruck. Just a friend of mine thought if it would be possible to ski in Innsbruck city, but I don't think in November I can find good snow. I wanted to confirm that and to know which Resort is best for beginners Stubai, Solden or Hintertux.

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The glaciers in previous season can be unfriendly. You might see a lot of ice, crowded T lifts and drag lifts, competing for space with junior teams training. Any glacier will have blues, but it's better if you can do some reds, you might need to pass through one for return to base station, for example

I think it can be overwhelming. You might wanna wait for proper season. But by all means if you are stoked go for it once. I did hehe

I would add Kitzsteinhorn to that list.
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