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High Society ski sale

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Looks like a really good sale on CO made skis. $299 for any of the skis in their line up until tomorrow midnight. Has anyone skied the FX?
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Skied my friends FX. Very good one-ski quiver for decent snow years in Colorado. Quite damp for lack of metal and its reasonable weight. Made in the Never Summer Factory in Denver alongside Icelantics. Topsheet cosmetically chips easily, but the rest of the construction seems pretty bomber. He picked them up in the same sale last year and has no regrets about it. 

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I know this is a old thread ...I am new to Epic site and hope I don't get blasted for asking ? on old thread from last year....I am interested in buying the FX 185 Wide...was that the one you skied ? 150/122/140 or the normal sized ones 136/104/126 ? They are so cheap and I need a 122 waist for the wet PNW Cascade Cement....they have some nice looking stuff and made in the USA

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