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I've skied at minus. Who wants to touch me?


Seriously though; I could tell some unreal weather stories, but it would blow your mind.

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Done with this thread, what a waste of my time. I am a very skeptical person so i understand the speculations, however its like seeing a UFO. Everyone else thinks the person is full of it. The person who saw it wasnt dreaming though. I think that people that think they know everything are skeptical because they dont have that same experience to share, it seems far above the normal and so the Ego decides to stimulate doubt to make up for it. Its simple psychology. Give a special Ops agent a goal that you say isnt possible (thats BS come on..) and it makes them more voracious, and theyll complete the task no matter what. Unbelievable is a replacement for a misunderstanding that has no right or wrong result. This is the first time anywhere, and those who know me, that ive talked about myself in the world of skiing, and ive never ever had to prove anything to anyone. Want me to Boast? OK-  I grew up skiing with Jim Moran, one of my best skiiing buddies and my competition at competitions, Eric Schlopy, Peter Obrien, Bud Keene, Bode Miller is one of my best friends best friend who grew up with him. I was an integral part of our evolving group in Stowe. I was also one of the best racers in the MMSC, the captain of the Stowe race team, and yea, i can stand behind what i talk about. But i cant snowboard for sh*t and everyone reading this would laugh their asses off watching me try. So there. Cant play guitar and sing either, but i can ski. And ive seen a lot and experienced a lot just like everyone else.  Enough said- time to move on. 

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About 8-10 years ago I was skiing Stowe in March and I bet it hit 80. I was skiing in the woods and the snow collapased underneath me to a pretty good flowing river underneath.

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Interesting stuff getting thrown out there on this thread. Anti-freeze??? I have skied for decades, been the tune shop guy, the lift op, the parking lot guy, the rental tech and the bus driver. With the exception of the ground equipment and a couple of lift motor room anti-freeze. I guess you could add it to the emulsion, but the machine probably start throwing skis. As for lifts running at -80 (wind chill or not)...ain't gonna happen. Things break at those temps. Even big metal things. No area will risk it. They will close the operation for the day.

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As a 12 year old boy I pissed off the chairlift at Squaw Mountain which faces North on Moosehead Lake and I swear it hit the trail ice as frozen pellets.

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Don't eat the yellow snow
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I am here to post in this most entertaining thread.

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So is there a spine at Squaw that is 8 feet wide with 200' drops on each sides? They must scrape corpses off the rocks daily
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Originally Posted by COBillsFan View Post

So is there a spine at Squaw that is 8 feet wide with 200' drops on each sides? They must scrape corpses off the rocks daily

I heard the original poster said he thought it should have been labeled a green run lol
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The only place I can think of at Squaw that matches the OP's description would be the ridge from the KT lift shack out to the Nose--that could be pretty intimidating in a whiteout. While it might be physically possible to ski from the top of Granite to Broken Arrow--basically heading out Smoothie and just traversing as high as possible and then a long climb with no spines or big dropoffs, and all of that would have been closed on the kind of day the OP is describing--so I assume he got his names mixed up;understandable if he's only skied there once. 


The worst weather I've been in was climbing Damnation in Huntington Ravine on Mt Washington. We were sheltered from the wind but getting soaked from running water under the ice. We got a late start and didn't reach the Alpine Garden until close to dusk. The rope was frozen solid and couldn't be coiled so we left it. We headed across to Lion's Head but the wind picked me up off the ground and blew me free 10 feet through the air. We headed towards the ridge on the right side of the Ravine but we quickly found a rock we could get behind to get out of the wind--the only rock of any size anywhere near us. By this time my pants were so frozen I couldn't bend my knees. We prepared to bivouac; I took off my boots to put on my down booties and found my socks frozen to the inside of the boots. We put on down jackets and hugged each other all night; the worst part was when we realized we were going to survive. About 4AM the wind died and we were able to hike down the Lion's Head Trail. By the time we reached the Harvard cabin we were down to our t shirts. The official weather report that day was --10F high, --30F low, wind 100mph, gusts to 140. I still get a little freaked skiing or hiking in high winds although it doesn't stop me from doing either. I guess nowadays I could claim to have mild PTSD.

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Originally Posted by Rich Larow View Post

...its like seeing a UFO. Everyone else thinks the person is full of it. The person who saw it wasnt dreaming though.

Rich's argument is Rich's weather story is as believable as people who tell UFO stories?  Maybe the aliens made it -80 degrees.


In seriousness, skiing in 80 degrees is very rare but can happen.  The record high for Stowe is 88 in April and 93 in May.  So it's possible there was still snow and it got very warm but most people who say they skied in 80 are exaggerating.


Skiing in -80 is clearly not possible since the all time lows in the whole region are no were near that low.  Wind does not make antifreeze freeze at real temperature above the freezing point.  So all of that is clearly impossible


However, under the old windchill scales, there were many days in the last 50 years where the outside temp was cold enough that the wind chill was below -80 (i.e. many records between -20 and -39)  At -20 you need 35 MPH, at -30 you need 20 MPH.  There were probably many days that exceed -80 windchill with the old scale.  With the new scale there might have been a few days in 50 years too if it was really windy (ie 50 MPH plus) but lifts likely would have been closed.

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