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It was a group put together by a boarder. We skiers were tag alongs smile.gif   Boards might skew terrain choices some. And I have not skied the specific terrain being discussed. But all in all, It was a great group to be with. Super dynamics. One guy brought a buddy who was a former x-games gold medalist. He was super skilled and super considerate. I was later accused of having a crush on him because I could not shut up about how great his group skills were.  Plus he was the first and only person I've seen on big terrain on a no-board.

I guess I could see some places with nutty traverses causing a ski/board split. But honestly, I just do not see the ski/board chasm as wide as some. And I have a hard time fathoming how a tenure with the terrain variety I want would not have terrain that is great for both sets of tools.

Well...There would be guide discussions about this and they clearly get frustrated as to what gets red lined because of boarders. In fact if they've gotten to know you they'll tell you straight how they think boarders screw things up. Honestly, some of the traverses are uphill pins around trees with low branches but with some ridiculously awesome payoffs. They won't go there. No matter the skill, without poles it's problematic. It's not a ski resort. Even on stuff they'll take on there can be 10 minute delays and we wait. A 10 minute delay may not sound like much but it's a monkey wrench. This is reality not political. If you haven't seen it then yes, you're reliant on your imagination which may not conjure it up.

I was with friends getting ready to go out of Teton Village. The operater was HMH, real pros, not afraid to push politics aside and make the right call. We're waiting on the rest of the group, they arrive and it's Pearl Jam. They wanted to combine with is. But they all boarded, were put in the boarder group, and we only saw them at meet up and at the end.
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I hear you. If guides are managing multiple loads, even a few minutes can make a mess. I am aware of this. I've seen a lead guide get wound up over 90 seconds cascading into a jam. I've tried to introduce that kind of reality check  info into heli threads here before -- but honestly, I've seen skill differentials between skiers within and across loads throw monkey wrenches into things without introducing the board or no board discussion. 


The trip I was discussing was single load. No juggling of machine resources. Only one machine operating in the tenure. So we moved at the pace we moved. It rocked. :)

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Interior BC seems to be off to a great start, with past storms and two more this week , seems like the alpine could have a 5-6 ft base by turkey day. Has anyone been skinning up there lately? 

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Interior BC seems to be off to a great start, with past storms and two more this week

Yes I noticed that when writing an early progress report yesterday:


Reported snow totals last week : Revelstoke 40 inches, Kicking Horse 27, Big White 26, Whitewater 15, Fernie 8, Red Mt. 6. Lake Louise's 17 total includes October but it is 3% open on snowmaking.


I suspect there's been a lot in the Whistler alpine but they don't publish online totals until close to their opening day Nov. 25.

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It seems their promotion ended on Friday the 6th :( 

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The 7day Monashee's 1/23-30 is looking awful good !



If I weren't spending every spare dollar of disposable income and then some on my kids ski racing, I'd pull the trigger on that in a heartbeat.

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