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Skiing in Solden on November

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Hello :)
I'm planning my first ski vacation and I'm very limmited of time. That means that I can't wait for a the middle of the season
for ideal terms of ski. I'm planning the vacation around 8.11-15.11 but I'm very concerened if the terms there will be alright. 
Does anyone know and can help me if around November Solden ski site has a good terms for a beginner ?
I'd be happy if anyone can help me.

thx and have good week.

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I am not exactly clear what you mean by 'terms'.


Solden will not be open. Hochsolden is the glacier above Solden and will be open.


The number of glacier lifts running will vary, may be limited mid week.. Ski school should be running normally but you might like to call them and check. 


If you have a car and intend driving to the glacier the toll is included in your lift pass which must have at the toll gate. Buy it in Solden before setting off. Ask me how I know this. 

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Will hintertux glacier will be better ?
Btw, by 'terms' i mean the snow quality, opened slopes, supporting service (Lifts, equipment rental and more..)

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Apparently Soelden is killing it right now with snow, at least the upper half.  70cm in the next 6 days.  But then again, could all turn to mush in 2 weeks.  :dunno

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I don't think there is much between them skiing wise as you are a beginner. At that time of year the weather is going to be a crap shoot. 


If I had to choose I would say Hintertux has a slight edge from a skiing point of view but Solden has a better 'vibe' at night.

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This year it's not a problem for Soelden. Currently there's a bit too much snow for everyone's taste :) but once races are over next weekend, it's going to be fine. At those altitudes there's very little chance it will get worse before spring. It might get warmer, but at 3000m there's little chances it will get warm enough to get really bad conditions. But you have to consider, that Soelden has basically one lift (plus 1 t-bar lift) suitable for beginners (I'm talking about Tiefenbach/Rettenbach glacier now, as that;s only thing open at the moment, and in November). Rettenbach side, where WC races are, will most likely be full with racers anyway, and it's not really easy one, so I don't think it's suitable for beginner anyway. Tiefenbach on the other side of the hill, is much easier with one gondola and 1 t-bar, and I'm sure you will be fine there. But it's up to you to decide if you want to spend whole week on single lift :)

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Are Obergergul & Hochgergul, at the end of the same Ötztal valley as Sölden, likely to have good snow earlier than Sölden?  Obergergul opens November 12.

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Yes they are at the end of same valley as Soelden, just higher. I'm just back from Soelden, and up on glacier it looks ok, but it's glacier, which means you are limited to basically 2 runs... one on Rettenbach (race slope), as Icebox is pretty much closed 24/7 for racers (and it's injected so probably not much of fun for most of normal people :)), and one on Tiefenbach. Down in Soelden, it's pretty warm (10-15c) so no sign of snow yet. Obergurgl and Hochgurgl are few kilometers further, and few meters higher, Soelden village is at around 1500-1600m, Obergurgl village is around 1950m and Hochgurgl at 2100m, and lifts go from there up to 3000+m above sea level, so I assume they will open higher parts and not runs down to village, as at least on way up to Rettenbach glacier, snow coverage (some 10-20cm) starts around 2200+m.

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