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Scary but true...

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I was sent a letter today by my local drinking establishment (The Rose & Crown). They are going to be sold, and they wanted to know if I was interested in buying a part share in it.
I'm not sure if I should, or if I'd just drink the profits.

What do you think?
Is it an offer too good to refuse?

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I have a friend living in Vail Colorado who has a small share in a restaurant located in nearby Avon. His "purchase price" was a day's worth of dry wall and painting when the operation first started. Others bought in with trade and professional services. The restaurant has done well, and has been made over several times without the need to call on the "founders". My friends "dividend" is several evening meals for himself and family each year at no expense. He has long since reclaimed his investment!

If you plan to stay in the area, Go for it!

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If it's a new up and coming business perhaps it has potential. If it's been sold find out why - look at the balance sheets / business records. Sometimes the reason has nothing to do with the profitability (e.g. sale of a family business through retirement).

It's not always as easy to relax in a place that you have a business interest. Mixing business / pleasure doesn't always work.


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7 friends of mine went together and bought 'The Pub' in Ashland, Oregon. The idea is each would work one day a week. They didn't drink away their profits but all their friends stopping by mooching drinks did.
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