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Question on sizing AT boot

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I am new to the AT boot world and need help sizing an Atomic Backland AT boot. I have had access to a 29.5 boot.

When I shell size this boot I have one finger of clearance. Walking around the house with the unbaked liner on the boot is pretty tight and uncomfortable at the big toe. Also tight at the usual spots including bunion, tailor's bunion, both sides of what I call the ankle bone and a few spots just below the ankle bone on the inside. I feel confident that these spots will be be fine after the shell and liner are baked with the "memory fit" process of heating the shells. I am happy to report that my heel spurs are not uncomfortable. The heel does not feel loose though and instep hold seems good. This all seems like a very good performance fit. My only concern is the big toes hitting the shell.

I'll be walking, boot packing and up skiing in these boots much more than I will be skiing downhill. What are your thoughts.? Will I have enough room in the toes after baking and proper boot fitting for walking and boot packing? If I'm gonna be out for a 7-9 hour tour I want to be comfortable.

Atomic makes a 30.5 and there is a store in another state that actually has it in stock.

Also since this is a boot with tech fittings, would a big toe punch possibly misalign the tech that are molded in the fittings?

Here are some more details on my foot and current boots. I generally wear a size 15 street shoe. My foot measures 29.5 or close to that mark in the instep and at the bunions. My foot measures just over 30.5 on a Brannock and this is mostly due my big toes. The other toes don't usually hit the shell like the big toe does. I am a D width.

My former touring boots were Garmont tele boots in 30.5. Sometimes the big toe was in contact with the shell on these boots but they were good enough for multi day tours.

My alpine boots are 2013 Atomic Redster 29.5 WC 160. These boots were a lot tighter out of the box especially in the heel. In the forefoot it's interesting to note that the overall fit is much the same between the Backland and the race boot. Yes the the race boot is a bit narrower at 95mm last(vs 98 for Backland) and this is noticeable. But the generous toe box and forefoot feel in both boots is great for me. It's not like my Lange RS 130 29.5 where I felt I was jamming my forefoot in to a vice for a medieval foot torture ski experience and no amount of bootfitting seemed to help.

Your thoughts on the sizing are greatly appreciated.


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can you measure your finger?   or measure the shell fit in mm?


sounds like you are looking for more a walking, then skiing boot?   I would aim for a 15mm shell fit

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Thanks for your reply. I can get a 12mm dowel behind the foot.  The next size up is an 18mm dowel and that does not work but it comes close on my left foot.


Will a toe punch add a few more millimeters?:)  The 30.5 Atomic would probably be pretty large, I'm thinking.


Using Mt. Shasta as an example, I'll be hiking up to to the snow for at least an hour, up-skiing like 3-4 hours, boot packing like 1.5  hours and skiing down for 1+ hour. Then if I make camp on the mountain I'll be walking around for maybe an hour if it's cold. So actual ski time will be quite short. With how light this new boot is the uphill times may come down .  In a 29.5 each boot weighs 2.5 pounds which is about half of my old tele boots which were just shy of 5 pounds each in 30.5.


Do you think a toe punch can be accomplished without misaligning the tech fittings?



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yes,  toe punch (and thinner sock, and better footbed, and time packing the boot out) will give you more toe room


yes,  if the person does it right, techs will be fine/

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Thank you for your help! I am very glad to have your pro input.

Hopefully we will have some weather out here this Winter so that I can put the boots to good use.
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