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Steamboat & WP over New Years

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I'm thinking of getting the 4x40 pass (2 days WP, 2 days steamboat for $200) and would use 1 day WP, 1 day SB over New Years.  I will spend most of the trip in the Avon area seeing family so I'm not looking for alternate time/location suggestions. 


I always like getting some variety and usually head to Aspen or smaller ski areas as part of this annual trip but I haven't been to SB or WP in many years and thought it would be fun to go back.  A few questions:


  • What are the crowds like over new years at SB and WP?  Part of the group will ski a lot of groomers and I don't want them to get run over or wait for lifts all day.
  • I would plan on skiing WP on the way to the airport.  9pm flight means I will likely hit ski traffic but I'm thinking it will be a lot lighter from WP than Summit.  What is weekend travel time like in both good and bad weather scenarios?


Thanks for the help.

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I haven't found WP to be overly crowded over New Years, but may depend on the day in question, meaning New Years Eve and New Years Day could be quite different. I seem to recall last year being silly crowded on NYD, but I think it was a powder day. Crowds were weird last year - there were dats I thought would be nuts that weren't, and other days were inexplicably mobbed. Even for groomer skiers, unless Jane Trail is too much, definitely go Jane side in terms of parking/skiing. The WP frontside should be avoided until 2ish.

Hard to answer on traffic. The new I-79'toll lane will be in effect and it begins where Rt. 40 merges on I-70. They were metering coming off Berthoud last season, and that eliminated the usual WP advantage in traffic. We spent 2 hours crawling down Berthoud one day last season. Keep an eye on the Colorado weather thread. We'll certainly have some feedback about early season traffic.
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One major problem with winter park is that the wind can shut down the panoramic express, which is a major attraction for intermediate/low advanced skiers. And it can happen pretty frequently. When it does, all the lines at the rest of the resort can really stack up.
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