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Quote = NED79:
If any of these storms produce snow it will be too late for SoCal

Past practice is that SoCal ski areas are quite flexible about reopening with enough natural snow.  But that means at least 2 feet IMHO, and the upcoming storms are going to start as rain so I'm not too optimistic.

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Summit will remain closed no matter what.  They are moving on to getting the bike park ready and opening for the mountain biking season.  Bear could extend IF enough snow fell to make it worth while.  However, unless they thought they would sell day tickets, it is unlikely.  Most SoCal folks are moving on to surf season. Mammoth it is from now on!

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I agree with combined ownership, open/close flexibility will be at Bear not Summit.  No question that's where the early/late season clientele is for BBMR.

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Olympic @ Summit Tuesday 3/29/16. I set the first track @ 9:50, the second @ 10:15. Pay no attention to that "Thin Cover" sign at the top.                                                                                                                                                                                         

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@NED79  Damn!  You are one lucky SOB.  All winter, I have been Snow White.  Spring, sunshine, birds singing...etc, everywhere I go!  Just color me JEALOUS.

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SOB, yes. Lucky, not so much, I would have hit the lottery by now. The following day was even better, but with more humans around to track things up. 

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For the 2016-17 season at Big Bear, head over here:

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