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How is SS? Thinking about heading up tom. First day of skiing this yr
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My friend Garry Klassen was at Snow Summit Wednesday and thought it was very good. It softened up by about 10:30AM.


With the current weather I think Garry's experience was greatly enhanced by there being very few people.  This allows some snow surfaces to stay smooth, corn up, and not get chewed up too fast by skier traffic.  I suspect it might not ski so well on a weekend. 

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Skied both BBMR on Thursday-Friday, very good spring conditions with frozen corduroy becoming edgeable early then getting a bit slushy on the flats in the afternoon and low, low traffic weekdays. Shot this video of a friend going old school Thursday morning.           

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We skied Saturday and -sigh- it was done by 11:00 A.M.  We hung in another 1/2 hr but it was pretty bad.  We need snow and colder weather.  This is ridiculous!

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I'll probably post this in the Mountain Collective thread too.


The new 2016-17 MC passes are on sale and now ALL Mammoth resorts are included. That means, unlimited 50% off at June, and Big Bear too. Plus if you have kids 12 and under, they're only 1.00!!


Mammoth Resorts (Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain in Eastern California; Bear Mountain Resort and Snow Summit Resort in Southern California) rn California)

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A little pop-up powder day in Big Bear yesterday, they augmented with manmade, rare in March.                                                    

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How is SS now? Still trying to make my 1st trip up his yr. maybe this weekend
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I wonder if there will be a multi yr drought after this season
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I wonder how the crowds will be this weekend?? Have most people given up yet??


Anyhow, if everything works out OK for me, I'll be up there Tue. March 15 in case anybody is able to make that day too.

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I was there today with my kids and we had a good time.  They are still beginners so the conditions weren't a big factor.  It was quite soft and slushy by mid-day and I don't think it would have been that fun on harder runs.


Also: It was definitely less busy. And they weren't charging for parking either.

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I may go up tomorrow.
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2" yesterday but it seems like it's still skiing well. I'm going Tuesday...

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We are determined enough to get our money's worth ... I left for Colorado and BB got snow, you are welcome.  Now I come home and CO is getting snow.  Apparently, i have been bad enough to piss off the snow Gods.  Either way, we will ski this weekend.  If anyone else is trucking up, let me know.



BTW  Have you seen the prices for next season??? it's a bit crazy!  The deals are gone.

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Tue: 3/15 Snow Summit report

Got their at 9 and started skiing at 9:30. First run was off miracle mile/summit run. Snow was so hard I thought my teeth feelings would shake loose.


Skied over to Chair 7(far left side). Again, one of my favorite runs at SS. The snow was softened up over here. It was skiing well with slightly larger crowds for a Tuesday morning. I left there around 11:00 because it was getting to soft here too.


Skied chair 6 for the next 2:30 hours. Skied "Olympic" and the "Wall" over and over. Now chair 6 is NOT running so you need to traverse back down to chair 1 but no big deal. These were skiing by far the best today. Even with above avg temps., the snow was still above avg. Only the traverse to chair 1 was a slush pit.


Overall, snow is still good but not great. I'd give today a 7.5/10 for conditions. I had a free ticket so it was worth it to me :)

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Isn't the Cali pass 699 next year?? Isn't that the same as last year??
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It's $699 for existing pass holders who renew March 21-23.

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Only a 3 day window?? What about new members??

I'll probably renew my MCP anyways
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$749 for new pass holders from March 21 through April 4, then price goes up again.

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Thanks @pud
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A last minute shout out to mustski or any body else heading up to Snow
Summit tomorrow the 20th.... Or send a PM

Thanks Steve
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Are they still giving out $100 bonus credits on early pass purchases?

How come I didn't get any email or anything
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Originally Posted by nochaser View Post

Are they still giving out $100 bonus credits on early pass purchases?

How come I didn't get any email or anything

I got a flyer in the mail to renew my Cali4nia pass from March 21-24 for $699.  The resort credit deal this year is that if you put $100 on it they give you $15 more on it.

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Hitting Summit tomorrow a.m., then plan to shift to Bear mid-day if anyone is around.

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Originally Posted by lott42 View Post

Isn't the Cali pass 699 next year?? Isn't that the same as last year

 The $699 deal doesn't include any buddy passes or resort credit - so it's a considerably worse "deal" than last season.  I am extremely unhappy with the Mammoth management and their treatment of the BB locals and volunteers. So I will not be giving them one cent more than necessary to ski my local resorts.  I am buying the  dual mountain pass which does come with some buddy passes.  My last time skiing Mammoth will be the week of April 4th because I already have plans with friends.  After that, I will take all my ski trips anywhere except Mammoth.

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My mistake.  Initially, their website listed the $699 as "lift only," but they seem to have changed that.  It does include buddy passes and discounts - just the resort credit has gone away.

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My only complaint is that 72 hours ain't much of a window for returning C4Passholders to reload. I also wonder about a BBMR only pass... can they levy a Mammoth TBID assessment (tax) on that pass?

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Resort credit has not gone away. It was reduced from 20/25% to 15/20% for standard/premium passholders. 


The 3 day window made me a little nervous too, as I was out of the country March 1-19 with zero online access March 4-12.

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Originally Posted by mustski View Post

My mistake.  Initially, their website listed the $699 as "lift only," but they seem to have changed that.  It does include buddy passes and discounts - just the resort credit has gone away.

Interestingly, I called Snow Summit this morning and was told the lift only pass doesn't include any perks like buddy passes.

Am getting a Cali4nia pass for Mammoth (including remainder of this season) and Snow Summit, now I've only been in SoCal for 4 1/2 years. wink.gif Despite 35 ski days so far, this Wednesday looks to be my first SoCal ski day at Snow Summit! Still yet to go up to Mammoth... But hope very soon now.
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Not sure whether I should pay for MVP next yr. I'm barely breaking even this year. Didn't even get a chance to use up my resort credit.

I'm thinking MCP next year - like to check out Whistler. Couple of free days at Mammoth would be nice. The only down side is having to pay for SS/BB.
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Color me red!  Although I was a BBMR pass holder for years, I am not eligible for the 3 day deal!  I'm only eligible for the 3 day renewal deal on the Cali4nia pass! Now, if I had never upgraded in the first place I would be eligible for the deal on the dual mountain pass!  That makes no sense!  Oh well, at least now, I can wait until after payday!  It's only $20/each so it's not a financial burden really.  It's the principal.  I have been very unhappy with the way Mammoth has treated locals but was planning to hold my tongue.  So here goes, this will be my last day as BBMR Epic Ambassador, let me share the "improvements" Mammoth resorts has made this year:

  • USARC volunteers used to receive a season pass,  one comp ticket for friends for each day volunteered, and a 50% discount on food.  They now receive only one comp day for each day volunteered.  8 volunteer days required.  No season pass; no food discount.
  • Ski Patrol volunteers used to receive the same as above but lunch was complimentary.  They now receive same as above.
  • I know there are volunteer instructors also, but I do not know what the deal is because I do not know any other than the USARC instructors.
  • Disabled parking at SS (my DH is a disabled skier) used to be plentiful and in front of what is now the children's center and the upper VIP lot.  It is now down the hill and is actually one of the furthest parking areas from the ticket office.  Fortunately my DH is able to walk and does not depend on a wheelchair.  I'm not sure how they get up that hill when it's icy!
  • Season pass holders received a 20% discount on all food and in the shops.  They now receive no discount on food and 10% in shops if spending more than $100.00
  • Weekend parking in the lot is $20.00 - cash only - which means the traffic jam on Summit Blvd starts at 7:30 AM - one hour before the resort opens.  Mainly because everyone is trying for the few "free" spots and the limited parking on Summit Blvd.
  • eliminated the "early get away" vouchers which  drastically increased afternoon crowding
  • Raised the number of daily tickets sold


ETA:  I don't mean to be totally negative.  I forgot - they put some plastic plants in View Haus!

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