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Black Pearls or Temptation 88s or ??? [primarily Cooper, Keystone]

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I'm 5'7", weigh around 170 lbs, which I know puts me at the high end of most women's skis.  Trying to figure out what ski to buy and what length ski. 


Primarily will be skiing at Ski Cooper or Keystone in Colorado. I like Cooper because its all natural snow, no man-made ice added.  But since its small will probably add in some trips to Keystone to get a bigger variety. 


But here is the tricky part.  While I might be an advanced skier, its been a few years since I've really hit the slops due to an ankle injury and having a kid.  So I really need a ski that will allow me to cut lose in the morning, enjoying skiing fast and aggressively, mostly groomed trails but hopefully a few bumps and maybe a couple of tree runs.  But also allow me to slow it down and ski with my 4 year old daughter in the afternoons, so I'll need something that can handle a wedge without really tiring me out.   Does a ski even exist for this? 


I'm was thinking of the Black Pearls, but can't decide on 166 or 173.  Any thoughts?  Another friend also suggested the Rossi Temptations or K2 Oolaluv or Potion.


Any other ski suggestions I should be looking at?


Or should I just give up on one ski hopes and buy a shorter used pair for trailing my daughter around the slopes, and a longer pair for me when I want to let loose. 


Some of my old skis are:

180cm Salomon X Screams Women's  - I loved these on the icy hills back east, but the tails caught on all the snow out west, giving me fits.  These are old 2002, early era shaped tip skis. 


165cm Atomic (can't remember model, I'll update if I can find it somewhere around 2006 model year) -  Hated these skis, way too short, turned way to quick, even if you didn't want to turn.  I just didn't feel stable on that short of a ski, sold these after 1 season.


After that I just gave up on skiing for a while and picked up snowboarding.  Unfortunately my husband is not a strong skier, so would like me to go back to skiing to help our daughter learn.  I'm good with that but ski's have changed a lot in the 6 years I've been out of the game, so I'm trying to figure out what to buy.


Thanks for the help.      

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Loveland demo day on November 14.  Go to the demo day and try out as many skis as you can. Get a feel for what you like.  It is sponsored by Christy's Sports.  It is usually about $45.00 and you get a lift ticket, lunch, all day demos and a beer or house wine afterward. They also have a raffle at the end of the day. It is a lot of fun and you get to try a bunch of skis.


I am not a fan of the Temptations 88's or the Black Pearls.  They are great skis and you may love them but there are many choices so don't limit yourself.

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Paging @segbrown 

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Paging @segbrown 

I agree with @skier31 ... Sounds like demoing is a great idea, since it's been a while. The nice thing is that many skis are a lot better now at going both slow and fast, so you should be able to find one to do both things.

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You will want the 173 in these skis for a couple of reasons, you will be able to bed them and two your history shows that you have been on 180 X-Scream and felt the 165's were too short and lastly it is the right length for your height and such (walking on eggs here). With that said, it is tough to demo women skis over 170, a lot of reps stick just the middle two sizes and you will need to hope that there is a mens version of the ski available for you to try in your length, Temptation 88, yes but there is no longer a men's Black Pearl (it was the Bushwacker). Demoing has it's plusses but in your case, you will feel a difference that what you had in the past but I am not sure you will be able to discern what is best for you. Everything will feel good at first. The Temptation 88 is a nice ski (I skied the men's version a few years ago) but it is a very hard snow biased all mountain si, it is rarely stiff and has a pronounced flared tail that wants to hold a specific turn shape. The Black Pearl has been a winner in the all mountain category for years and rightfully so, it is a great ski for 80% of the women out there with the most timid beginner 10% and most aggressive 10% need not apply. It's early rise int he tip and tail make it very playful and not demanding at all. If you are at an area that has minimal snowmaking and more natural conditions it will be one of the top choices and best hand holders you can have. 

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