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Good Ski for Bumps and All Mountain

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I am looking for a good ski that will do well in tight moguls but also handle the rest of the mountain decently.  I grew up a competitive mogul skier and then coached moguls.  I still ski them well, but my last winter coaching was 2003, and I don't ski nearly as much these days.


I grew up skiing whatever mogul ski was easily accessible through reps or team.  My last set-up was through atomic in 2004ish I think. It was the all blue ski with red atomic symbol called 'Atomic Freeride Team" I think.  I also have the "Triplets" from the following year. Both skis, I think, were designed as park skis.  They're definitely wider than mogul skis.  However, they are still thin enough to ski tight bumps but also handle crud/all mountain better than a bump ski.


Any recommendations on a set of skis like that these days?


Thank you.  

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Welcome to Epic. It would help if you could provide some data on your size, and where you now tend to ski. But if you were a competitor and coach, I'd suspect you'd find most modern all-mountains to be deficient at bumps, whatever we drone on about here.


That said, IMO Scott's The Ski or Blizzard's Bushwacker are the best do-all's out there for bumps, but both are for lighter skiers. If you aren't, then last season's Head REV85's or Kastle FX85's. If you ski out west, then yep, some directional park skis, especially Rossi's or Line's (if you're lighter) or Armada's or Volkl's (if you're heavier) will work as well. You'll give up some grip for the bump performance. I'd stay below 90 mm because you, again, will have a higher standard of what good bump skiing is than folks who rave about their 100 mm rocking moguls. 


Personally, in fact, I'd go find a pair of lightly used Hart F17's, which are generally also nice on firm snow up to moderate speeds, and will feel familiar to you in terms of sidecut, width, and flex, if not length, and in bumps they'll slay anything you owned in 2003. Then I'd get a one of the above. 

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the Blizzard Latigo is a great bump ski while at 78 underfoot is a somewhat narrow all mt ski.I think they are a little wider under foot and about the same at the tip and tail as what you have now.

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I agree with Beyond that more information would be helpful.  Particularly around where you ski and what you like to ski where you ski...If you're just lapping bumps, and everything else is just a nuisance to get you to the bumps or to the lift, then just find a current set of competition bump skis.  Some of it is also about how you ski.  I see some recommendations for Blizzards above, and while I think that both the Bushwacker and Latigo could be good options, they both have rockered tails.  If you use your tails heavily when skiing bumps these may not be the best choices for you.

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^^^ Your point is taken if OP is used to old school ruler flat tails, and likes that style of skiing. But FWIW, the Bushwacker's tail is for all intents and purposes modern flat, with a normal turn-up at the extreme end, whatever the flipcore marketing blathers about. Skis that way too. Have not skied the Latigo, just fondled it, but do not recall a heavily rockered tail, either. 


OTOH, I see a lot of excellent bump skiers on skinny twins, with stated preference for tails that release easily. Yeah, we need more info from OP. Why isn't he glued to the screen? :D

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