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Thanks for the sizing recommendations. Hmmmm... well I'm really not concerned with groomed snow with this part of my quiver. Also, in the West side of the Cascades the groomers can be fairly soft as well. When it's firm enough to really matter I'll likely be on 85's anyway.

I called ON3P today and talked with a guy (didn't catch his name); his suggestions were 179 if I want tighter turns in trees, 184 for more stability at speed. He thought the Wrenegade was more of a high speed charger rather than nimble; he also though the 114 Jeffery would work if I wanted more of a jib powder ski rather than a directional powder ski, both should handle the wet set up crud.
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The On3p Steeple 112 with the tour layup is a good alternative for lighter skiers who might find the Billy Goat too burly. The Billy Goat needs some speed to perform well, the Steeple not as much
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I would throw in a recommendation for the Line Supernatural 108. There hasn't been much info on it here, but the guys at Blister seem to love it. It's supposed to be a great combination of stability and liveliness, and have decent float in powder for being 108mm underfoot.


I bought a pair for this season based on their review, but have yet to ski them.

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Two skis that'd be on my list for PNW Pow and Crud: (and I have skied them, including one day at Crystal Mt a few years back):


Liberty Variant

Liberty Double Helix.


I think If I lived in Enumclaw, I'd ski the Liberty Variant 80% of the time....

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Ski logic has a few nice skis that handle wet pnw snow. Both pair I ski on are over 100mm waist and have 15-17 TR.
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Originally Posted by DesiredUsername View Post

With the recent threads on reviews and reviewing, and being aware of one's biases, I thought I'd challenge my preconceptions and see what suggestions people come up with.


Me:  5'10", 145lbs, age 53.  Ski mostly Stevens Pass and Crystal Mt.   Part-time instructor, working on advancing certification level (currently L1,  hope to complete L2 this year).   i like bumps and off-piste, but enjoy groomers if that's what you got.   Got about 20 days skiing last year (sad face emoticon), the year before it was about 50.   


Current quiver includes Head Rev 85 in 177 (used for teaching, and days when I'm focused on bumps), Head Rev 105 in 181 for soft snow and off-piste.   For myself, I found they both have a nice balance between liveliness and stability for most conditions. 


Also have a K2 Outlaw (92 wide) in 170, that was my first pair of newer-ish skis after returning to skiing following a long absence.  I currently use them as rock skis, but sometimes it's nice to have that dampness.  Also picked up a pair of Stockli Spirit SC (65 wide) in 175.  Got them for $100, had belonged to a former rep, they're probably 10 years old or more, still fun on the occasional hardpack day.


Skiing style?  Still trying to figure that out.  I think I'm more finesse than power.


What I am looking for is a powder ski that will handle crud well, or maybe what I'm really looking for a is a good crud ski that can also do a decent job in powder.  Keep in mind, the PNW gets wet maritime snow, and often a lot of skiers to cut it up nicely.  Not the light fluffy stuff, so I don't think I would really utilize a dedicated powder ski, unless someone wants to gift me with a pile of money so I can do as many cat-skiing excursions as I might want.


The other caveat is that crud-busting skis are often categorized as "chargers",  I'm not planning to charge mach schnell on wide open bowls.  More likely I want some liveliness to hit the trees, while still having the stability to not get bounced around too much with variable snow.  I'm still puzzling over width.  For my weight it seems a lot of the skis that have that nice balance of stability and crud performance along with liveliness are in the 98-100 range, but I might want more width for powder if and when it shows up when I'm skiing.  108-ish, 112-115?



Am I looking to replace any of my skis?  Glad you asked.  Not necessarily. Maybe.  Like I stated earlier, I am leaving myself open to suggestions.  That said, if I went through this season without changing anything I'd probably live just fine.


What I have on my demo list is Fischer Ranger 108,  

might consider the Motive 95 (liked the Motive 86 but already had that spot on my quiver with the Rev 85).

Head Monster 108  

Nordica Enforcer

Nordica Helldorado, though maybe Patrol would be a better fit.

ON3P Wrenegade 112  or Billygoat

When I tried the Bonafide in 2012-13 I felt it was two planky for me.  It definitely handles everything, but kind of took me for a ride faster than I wanted to go at times.  Not as nimble as I liked.  maybe the new version is better suited to my style and weight.

Blizzard Cochise  This seems to be a perennial favorite for variable snow, that said I'm cautious as it seems to be considered more of a charger.   

Blizzard Scout  May be a better selection without metal.

Blizzard Dakota.   Women's version of the Cochise, still has metal but a lighter core.   It comes in a 177, and a dealer not far from me has a two year old pair for $270, so was just thinking......

RMU Apostle has been recommended to me by the same dealer.

Volkl 100Eight  

Volkl One.

Atomic Automatic 109.

Salomon Q 115 or Q 105.   side note:  while at Sunshine Village in May, hard pack in the morning turning to late season spring slush, I demoed a bunch of Salomon skis (that's the only brand they had from demo) and found I really liked the X Drive 8.8.   


Stocki Stormrider 107 was smooth,  And pricy, so not really looking there.  Maybe I need a Kastle FX 104 or BMX 115.  Again, pricy.   


Any other suggestions?  Also sizing suggestion would help.  Thanks.



"Skiing Style?  Still Trying to Figure That Out"     Luv it.  Me too after decades of skiing!


You got quite the list there.  Personally I'm intrigued with what K2 is up to these days with  their Pinnacle Skis, hopefully I'll get to try some this winter.  BUT all I know about 'em is what I have read...

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Originally Posted by spindrift View Post

I know this is an old thread... Regarding ON3P: Though they consider it a touring ski the Steeple 102 or 112 is also great in the resort. It's very close to the Billy Goat in design but the layup make it less burly and doesn't need as much speed to perform. It's not a charger and has a definite speed limit. You won't blast through Cascade cement but you don't have to  finesse it either. It's damp and solid going into the turn with good rebound out. I am 5'4", 152lbs and skiing the 102 in 174cm. Given the snow we are getting in the PNW this year it's been my everyday ski.

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