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Ski boots for Salomon Aeromax S

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Hello, I have been snowboarding since 2008 and I consider myself as an intermediate/good snowboarder I like to cruise around all mountain and not a park guy (I like speed in those big and wide runs). This season I decided to try the Ski so I bought a pair of salomon aeromax S from 2010 they have been used only 2 weeks. They are size 165 and I am 1.82 meters tall and my weight is 73Kg. I never skied before. But I will have lessons when I will go to the slopes. Now I am looking for some boots to match with this skis. On snowboard I prefer stiffer boots over the softer boots, because I like to feel control. I now fitting is very important but I will have to buy my boots online due to price and lack of snowstores where I am living. I know my foot measures and have done this with snowboard boots and had no problems.


Here is a link of my skis:



Now I have been searching for boots and I think that I have find 3 good options, but I would like to hear your opinions.


Head Adapt Edge90



Rossignol Alltrack Pro 100



Rossignol Hero Sensor 3



I was trying to avoid the softer boots even as begginer because I think I will upgrade my level relatively fast and I pretend to have a boot that allow me to ski fast when my skills improve.


I will buy my boots on this website:



Best regards

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Sorry to break the news to you, but boots are the most important part of your kit, and what is important about them is that the fit like a firm handshake in order for you to control your skis.   You would have to be incredibly lucky to find boots that fit you well over the internet.  You should find a good boot fitter and let him select the best boots for you and make whatever modifications needed to make the boots fit you better.


Read this http://www.epicski.com/t/72537/bootfitting-faq-and-glossary

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Ok but I uderstand that a boot fitter is very importante, but just have the options to buy them on line, due to lower prices and lack of snow stores in my region. However I am able to return the boots in case they don't fit me perfect.

So considering this limitation on-line what's your opinion for a good pair of boots that match with this skis?

Best regards 

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Any of those boots will match those skis, but they may not match you.  Given you appreciation of higher speeds, you may want to get boots that are stiffer.  If you can't afford any better, then start a thread on the "ask a boot fitter" describe your feet, what you intend to do (I imagine ski groomers at a decent clip and maybe a few bump runs).   If you can send pics of feet and maybe scan a trace of the sole of your feet. 

Boots come in different lasts for different feet.

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Any boot will work with any ski. If you're looking for some recommendations for a boot that will cosmetically corrordinate with the ski, I don't think anyone here is going to touch that. The fit is what really counts, flex is second. Without seeing your feet in person, even the best bootfitters in the world will not recommend a particular boot. You really need to go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wiki about "What boot will work for me" or some similar name. Just because a boot is less expensive online doesn't mean it will actually cost you less. How much will it cost to return a pair of boots or two pair of boots? You may buy a pair of boots that fit you but they could easily, and probably will be, too big next season and you'll need to buy new ones. I sense that you are in Europe. Where specifically do you ski in Europe or wheverever you are? We might be able to recommend a bootfitter.
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I am not looking for any cosmetical advices regarding boots. Yes I was trying to know your opinions regarding the flex and other things that you consider important. I already made a quick search regrding the flex, and for my intention I think a flex around 100 should serve well for my intentions for cruising around the all mountain and when possible high speeds. Yes I live in Europe more precisely in Portugal.

Usually I go to ski resorts in Spain and Andorra. Thanks for your help, and I will read the ask boot fitter post. I will try to take some pictures of my foot and post here asking for advice.

Best regards

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