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Nordica Dobermann EDT 130

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Hi All,

Looking for some advice, but first off let me tell you a bit about myself and skiing.


I am 5ft 9, 130lbs training for my level 3 CSIA hoping to take the exams this year if snow permits I should also mention I have very long legs.  


Current boot is a Head world cup 110 in a 24.0 I have been having a lot of issues with these boots.  Have had  lots of work done on them and they are still really uncomfortable and unpleasant to ski in but i love the performance i get out of them.


I was previously in a nordic hellfire custom boot 25.0 fitted by topshelf when they had a store in whistler however these over time got supper sloppy as my skiing level progressed no matter how tight i did my buckles or laced my liner i was moving all over the place.  I have odd ish shaped feet, but hay don't most people when it comes it ski boots, I have a very narrow but prominent heel but a wide fore foot and a medium instep.  I also struggle with getting very cold and numb toes, i have boot warmers and neoprene boot covers as well.  


The Nordica Dobermann did feel relatively good out of the box (i am aware this is not always a good thing) they had good heal lock down had toe wiggle room where a little pressure on the inside my instep.  When i shell fitted it looked about 1cm to 1.5cm.  I tried on the on a different model of the Doblamans same size and they where horrible lots of heal lift and wiggle.  They didn't however have the size down.  They didn't have the mondo on them or on the box but had US7 on them not much help i know internet seems to think this is about a mondo 25.  The store is not really the place you would expect to find these type of boots so the assistants are not really able to advise.



So my questions are:

i am aware 130flex is a bit much for me, is it possible to tone it down?

having had success with Norica is it worth going back with them?

Are the Head world cup boots smaller than the suggested boat size?

does it really matter if i am in a women's or mens boot?

Does anyone know who is a nordic dealer in Vancouver as finding them is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.



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I would call shops to see who is a Nordica dealer.  Should be easy.

Flex numbers are meaningless as the peace process.   I'd decide for yourself if the flex is too stiff by trying on  the boot.  I've skied with women shorter than you using a 130 and with your extra leverage I don't see a reason why you absolutely couldn't use it.  CSIA is not teaching you to substantially flex the boot at any time in the turn I'm aware of.  Yes they can be softened.


Don't know what a Head WC is and I sell Head for 10 years.  Are you using a Raptor women's 110?  At your height a women's boot is not necessary.  Fit is identical anyway but sometimes with shorter cuff.


Head Raptors fit pretty bang on in my experience.  But at 5'9" 24 would typically be short in my experience.  I'm in Calgary.  Are you ever this way?



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Hi Lou,


Thanks for the reply.  You are correct they are a Head 110 raptor RS short cuff.  I really like the heel pocket but do find them still very tight in the toe box area.  They have been extensively punched and still get numb toes/feet.


The nordica dealers i have found do not carry the doberman so i have never managed to try them on until yesterday.  I went back to the store today and having had a second look at them and my partner shell fit me (i had a look yesterday but very hard to do on your own) its at least a size to big probably 2, was a sole length of 305.  There was no mondo size to be found on the boot or box only a UK/US shoe size which means diddly squat.


Current Raptors are 283 sole length

Old Nordicas 295 (yes a very big differences between the 2)


I am on the top of a 24 and a bottom of a 25, which is why i went 24 in the first place.  I am wondering is this was the right choice.  I am hoping to ski further in this year probably fernie as the snow sucked on the west coast.  


Could you recommend any other brands which have a small heel pocket?

Am i going down the right lines looking at race boots?  

In your opinion am i chasing a white rabbit with my 24s and should i cut my losses and start again?  


My heads were an inexpensive experiment picked them up for about $200 to see if i could get the performance i wanted out of that sort of boot (i can and love it).  The only real expense i put into them where the custom foot beds i had made and punching.  




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The Nordica that you tried on is a UK7 which is a 26.5. too big! you should try on the UK 5 in the Dobi WC110.


The Head toe box can be increased in length with a proper heat stretch at least half a centimetre.


I am with Lou on the low cuff for a women your height.



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And I'm with Jim.  the 305 sole is a 26 shell and you should be swimming in it.

The new Scott G series boots in your size are a 98 last with a very small heel pocket.


If you are a D width or less I don't know why anyone would look at anything other than a race boot.  With your narrow heel I think it is an automatic.


I'm in Calgary if you find yourself in the area.



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