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Head Rev Pro 85 vs Rev Pro 80

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I really like both the Head Rev pro 85 and 80 skis. The 85 is probably more stable in higher speeds, but the 80 has a lot of similar features and its a good value ski. The other thing is the 85 comes with PRD 12 and the 80 ski comes with PRD 11 bindings. I'm looking to get your opinions on choosing between these 2 skis. Looking for some guidance.  Thanks.

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You may have gotten more responses if this was in the Gear secton, not the Ski Review section. Maybe a mod can move it. You should include some info about how big you are, where you ski and how well or fast you prefer to ski. These factors contribute to how long your ski should be.


The Rev 85 will have many more reviews and discussions, if you use the search function, you will find all the info you need.. It is a very capable, traditional Head carving ski that holds well on harder snow. I owned the Rev 85 and sold it because I prefer a more narrow ski, but, that is a personal preference. Never skied the Rev 80, but, Head has been making fine carving skis in that width range for many years, all have solid reviews. If you can get a great deal on a 80, I say do it. I would prefer the narrower ski if you live in the east and ski harder snow, the 85 might serve better in softer snow. Not much difference between Rev skis with only 5 mm change at mid-ski.


I would disregard the differences between a Head PRD 11 and PRD 12. Both are great bindings for a typical recreational skier where the DIN setting is between 5 and 8.

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Size, weight, venue, experience, and what do you want the ski to do for you that would be an improvement over what you already have?
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Thanks for your post. 

I'm 5'11, 198 pounds, advanced skier. I primarily ski in New England- VT and NH, Maine. I have been skiing over 30 years, and can handle all the mountain except double black diamonds. I prefer moderate to fast speeds and in control. I mostly ski on groomed slopes and some lighter fresh powder. I do ski on crud and ice. Have not skied out West in 4 years. Although, I might take a trip out to Utah in Feb. for a week. 

Hope this background is helpful for you in advising me.

Appreciate it.

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184 Rev 85pro.

You're a bit too heavy for the 177 unless you like making a lot of turns and don't ski particularly fast.
If it's in your budget, get a ski prep tune... Some base structure, and a nice 1 & 2 or maybe even 1 & 3 edge bevel.

Personally, and FWIW, most Head skis seems to feel more balanced mounted + 1 to +1.5cm ahead of boot center.

IMHO, the 85pro is one of the most under rated skis of the past 5 years.
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Thanks for your comment on the 85 rev pro.

What about the Head rev 80?. I can get a good deal on the 80 with PRD 11 binding.

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Haven't skied it but understand that it's a bit softer than the 85, suspect you'd overpower it. That's why good deals exist, usually: The ski didn't sell at its normal price. 

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