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Cuff adjustment for curved tibia (bow legs)

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I just got a new pair of Tecnica Mach1 105 LV W boots and I'm thrilled with the close fit and adjustability of these boots. (I'm a 5'10, 165 lb advanced female east coast skier).

I'm coming out of Lange RS 120 LV boots.

After dealing with alignment issues for years, Jim Lindsay at BootTech diagnosed and fixed my alignment via foot beds. However, when in the Langes, it seemed that my right boot pushed me to the inside edge. I'm fairly certain it was the lack of cuff adjustability in the Langes. The Tecnicas are far more adjustable and I'm thrilled I'm in a great fitting boot with adjustability options.

My bootfitter (in eastern PA) is awesome at fitting, and doing everything in his power to make things right. I trust him. However, when I had my new Tecnicas on, he commented that the tongue was not centered on my right shin and moved the cuff inward. Intuitively, I feel that the cuff needs to move outward to acommodate my curved tibia. Currently my knee is to the inside of my big toe on that leg (with my corrective footbeds).

Am I right in thinking the cuff should be moved outward? What is the importance of having the tongue centered on the shin vs. having the cuff properly aligned for stance?

I will continue to work with my boot guy because he's been so great to me. But, sometimes he needs a little guidance in getting me aligned, hence I'm turning to you guys for advice. What procedure do you recommend for fixing the alignment? I'm most certain I do NOT need canting and Jim Lindsay confirmed this when I visited him.

Sorry for the long-winded post and thanks in advance for your advice.
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In general, if the leg is bowed out, the cuff should be tipped out. If the leg angles in, the cuff
goes inward.
The tongue should center on the leg. It shouldn't have to be pushed inward to do this,although it may slide to the inside.

I am currently on the east coast for a wedding, assuming Joaquin allows, I will be back in Aspen Tuesday. PM me and I will look up your file for more information.

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Also check to make certain the footbeds Jim made are fitting the new boots properly.  Pull them out of the liner and put them in the shell all the way into the heel pocket.  There should be space around them on all sides and they should be flat on the boot board The shell should not be propping up or repositioning the footbeds.



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Sometimes the liners are molded or sewn asymmetrically and/or tongues are twisted.  Check that you simply don't have a bad liner.

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