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Convalescence after toe fusion surgery

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I 'd like to know how those of you who live alone managed after the surgery. I don't have family nearby and friends have their own issues.

What kind of help did you need after the surgery and for how long? Did you go to rehab? For how long? My doctor didn't like that idea - he seems to think I'd need more help than I could get there. Did you hire a home health aide or other caretaker? How many hours a day were they needed? For how long did you need them? For how long did you need a walker, crutches, etc?

At what point could you be by yourself, and start doing things on your own? When could you start preparing simple meals, etc?

If you could add any other info I haven't covered, I'd appreciate it.



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A good place to start is to ask for Pt/Ot referral to learn how to deal with the possibility of being non-weight bearing. If your provider won't give a referral sometimes it's possible to do a self referral. Some therapists in individual practice may agree in advance to a significantly lower fee if their services aren't billed thru insurance.

Also ask the provider if they are willing to do the procedure without sedation so you are able to take care of yourself immediately. Surgery centers tend to discharge quickly to maximize profits. Spinal anesthesia makes the procedure itself pain free and costs the same as general or twilight sedation but it delays discharge by an hour so it reduces their profit.

I was pretty much on my own living in a rural area. It was tough for at least a month with little assistance. I learned never have anything elective done if it's close to winter because it came early. The experience brought out the pioneer spirit and made me more assertive.
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Thanks for your reply. It was the only one I received.

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Did you see the GIGANTIC thread near the top of this page regarding toe fusion surgery? Check there.

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I just had big toe fusion 2 weeks ago on Nov. 20th. Did you have the surgery?

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No, I'm thinking of waiting until March because of the weather. I also wanted to take time to figure out how to deal with the convalescence.

How's it going? I hope you're doing well.

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Hi Queensie,

I am 19 days post surgery and doing ok. Dealing with the time needed to heal, keep foot elevated, iced and take it easy is getting a little hard this week. Getting stir crazy to move around more and get outside to walk etc. I have family visiting next week and that will be wonderful.


There really is no good time for surgery but if you decide on March good luck to you. 

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I forgot to add that I have a problem shoulder and decided to have physical therapy to strengthen it since I won't be weight-bearing. That would take me up to January. I also had problems with the knee on my bad foot in the past - it seems better now. I've considered using one of those bike-type devices where you sort of kneel on the seat with your bad leg to get around.

Have you been putting weight on your foot? Are you getting around on your own?

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I can't use the scooter due to bad knees. Had TKR on right knee in 2013 and too painful to kneel on either. I am in a cam walker boot and get around in that a couple of hours a day as needed.
Had x rays today, plate and screws are where they are supposed to be, no bone fusing yet. DR said that will be a few more weeks. Slow process.
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