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Some Tips on Shipping Skis

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****Not sure where to post this for maximum effectiveness, but I will start here. Mods please move or re-post if necessary. ***



If you are shipping skis around enough it can get pricey and many CL sellers can get whiny about shipping. Here are things I have done to limit financial involvement to a level that keeps me off the wife's radar and gets sellers to ship:


1 - Set up an online account with the USPS. If you weigh, measure, pay and print labels at home the cost is heavily discounted compared to doing the same at the Post Office. This takes about 5 minutes and saves long lines at the post office. I would also hate for you to get mugged on the shipping if I am paying less.


              Example: 10lb 76"x5"x5" box from Boston MA to Rochester MI is $15.27 instead of $24.95

              ***However, for longer distances like Sandy, UT, FEDEX is cheaper ($33 instead of $45)**


2 - Get boxes. These are getting scarce to find in a length that accommodates long skis. Try shops whenever you are at one if you can. If you are tired of dealing, like I was last year, I bought a pack of them from ULine (2dz). They are 2 piece telescoping boxes that can fit 2 pair comfortably. The dimensions of these seem to be friendly to ship too XLength x 5" x 5". I think 25 boxes was $100. Compared to what I was spending trying to track down boxes at shops, it is nothing.

       **Added bonus: These can be easily folded in half together and mailed flat cheap. Great for helping a stubborn seller ship stuff. So if you have to send the box to someone, it adds about $10-12 ($4 box + postage) to your total cost. (I just saved that in doing online shipping!)


3 - Ship without bindings. They add too much weight and dimension to the boxes and greatly increase price. I find it cheaper to parcel post or do a "flat rate USPS" box in addition. Most sellers will do this, sometimes phone explanation is necessary. We all have our own opinions on the use of old bindings, but we can all agree that usually what comes on used skis is thrashed beyond use, why bother.


I am sure that many have this already sorted out, I'm not re-inventing the wheel. Please, if you have any other helpful suggestions add them. Help keep nice skis from becoming furniture!


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4---Buy sufficient insurance to cover replacement value (or maybe only fair market value--ask).

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great recommendation on printing your own shipping label Lowell!!.  i have shipped my brother in the midwest 2 seperate pairs of skis from Utah .  printing my own label saved approximately 15 bucks over the first shipment i brought in .


also, it doesnt matter what the box looks like,piece together your own out of old boxes.

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I just received this in an e-mail from UPS: 

 2016 rates information
Effective December 28, 2015*, the following increases will take effect.
•  The rates for UPS® Ground services and accessorials will increase an average net 4.9%.
•  The rates for UPS Air and International services and accessorials will increase an average net 5.2%. UPS Air Freight rates and accessorials within and between the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will increase an average net 5.2%.

UPS Freight® rates will increase an average net 4.9%, effective October 26, 2015. 

Other changes 
•  On November 2, 2015, the Over Maximum Limits fee will increase to $110 for packages in the UPS system that are above the maximum weight or size. 
•  Beginning January 4, 2016, there will be a charge for UPS's Third-Party Billing Service.

A 5% increase is nothing to sneeze at. 

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