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Blizzard Viva X7Ti vs X8?

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I am a 30 years old advanced/expert skier from Quebec, 5'1" 110 lbs. I ski about 50-60 days per year. Current quiver includes Rossi Attraxion 11, Volkl Kenja, Nordica Nemesis as well as jr racing Atomic SL and GS DL. 


I'm looking for a pair of East Coast carvers to replace the Nordica 76 Ti 152 cm that I got last winter. Not sure what was "wrong" with the Nordica, they were fine skis, but they never managed to really put a smile on my face. 

I demoed the Blizzard Viva 770 Ti last year and these skis really put a smile on my face. I would have wanted to take them home. I'm an advanced skier working towards CSIA level 3 ski standards and thus I'm looking for a ski that will perform well on both groomers and moguls. I'm debating between getting the Blizzard viva x7 Ti or viva x8. When looking online, the viva x8 seems targeted more towards expert skiers compared to the x7Ti. However, the only difference that there seems to be between the 2 pairs of skis is a couple mm of difference in the width. Does anyone know what makes the x8 a "more advanced" ski compared to the x7Ti? Has anyone had the chance to compare the 2 models (older predecessor the 770Ti and 810)?


Other than those 2 Blizzards, my short list includes the Volkl Allura or Charisma (which I've never skied) and Elan Insomnia (which I've skied a handful of days and enjoyed). 

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This has been a pet peeve of mine. I can tell you why you didn't like the Nordica, it was the plate. Most manufacturers design their system plates to accommodate boots from a 260mm to 360mm and that plate will not let a ski like a 150cm flex properly for a 110lb skier. Blizzard's IQ is better than some but not I think a flat ski is much better for the shorter lengths but the choices for a ski of you length are truly limited. 


The Blizzards you mentioned are really good skis, IIRC @Trekchick skied them at the tests. The Volks that you mentioned still use their BioLogic which gives  25-30mm of taper from the tip to tail which is significant on a smaller ski, this design also does not allow the tail to track the tip as well as the race skis you are used to using. The Elan is actually a pretty nice underrated ski that does not get that much press here in the states. 

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Philpug is correct.  I demo'd both the 770 and the X7Ti.  They are really great skis.  In fact, I liked them a bit more than the X8. 

You really can't go wrong with either of those, depending on which one you find in your length. I think the X7Ti would be a great teaching ski!

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Thank you!

I am still wondering though... What are the difference in the ski construction between the X8 and the X7 Ti? (or 810 and 770 Ti) How did this impact how the ski behaves?

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Other than the obvoius "its a little wider", its also a little stiffer and not as nimble to bend. 

The X8 - Sandwich compound sidewall IQ Titinal Woodcore

The X7Ti - Composite sidewall IQ Titinal Woodcore



IMHO you're getting a lot of the strengths of the X8 without losing the nimbleness 

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