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Canting after lifter

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My son was recently fit for race boots. It was narrowed down to two choices. The coach thought he may need some canting work done, and when his alignment was checked, it was determined he needed 2 degrees (high side in) on the right, and nothing on the left. This was the same for both models, and the selection made was the Lange RS. The sole was planed and a lifter installed. The fitter explained the need to add a lifter to the left boot to keep things even.
My question is - if it is later determined that canting is needed on the left side also, can this still be done now that a lifter is in place and the lug routered?
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yes, it is done all the time. it is not a problem for a boot guy that has all the tools. it is easy to add or subtract sole cant on any solid sole boot.



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Jim is absolutely correct about ability to change things up later.  However I'd add a word of a caution.


Two degrees is quite a bit and even if that is what is measured it can cause physical problems, especially to knees.



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