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Bought new in 2014. In very good condition as you can see. Used less than 10 times for sure...


They are solid skis, really damp, great edge hold and nice everywhere even in bumps and trees...


Asking 295$







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Still for sale

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Asking 295$ now...A real bargain!

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Originally Posted by mogsie View Post

Asking 295$ now...A real bargain!

That's for sure!  Surprised they are still for sale.  The buy+sell board doesn't seem to be super active these days.  Great skis if you are a bigger guy, and you can't beat the price. 

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Dude, you are truly a crack dealer!
What are the dimensions/side cut on these? The phone photo is too small for my blind eyes.
Btw, skied the Dynastar Course's I got from you last season yesterday. I go at least 25% faster with those. Very nice ski. Might move binding forward about 1.5 cm's if possible.
How do these Blizzards compare?
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Hey Tog! Glad you like the Speed Course Ti! I,m not surprised it got you faster, really nice skis! The M-Power are quite different mostly by width ( 72 vs 87 mm underfoot) and by purpose of the skis... The M-Power has almost the same edge grip but in a smoother way... It also has a smoother flex but the flex pattern is similar with the tail being stiffer than the tip... I could do almost anything with the speed course ti but I can do anything with the M-Power... I could charge bumps with the speed course but never felt confident enough to go all out in trees and glades... Obviously, trees and glades are no problem for the M-Power...

For people who skied the Dynastar Legend sultan 85, I think the M-Power are like a superior Sultan 85... better carver, better edge grip, better in bumps but the same feeling that made me compare my sultan to tanks... especially in crud where the full suspension of the M-Power do a great job!


sidecut is 128-87-113 and 19.5m radius...

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Super deal I would have bought those a long time ago if I didn't own the R power.
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Hey Levy!

You can't compare the R-Power and the M-Power...completly different skis...

It would be more accurate to compare them to your Kendo...even if they really ski differently...

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I wasn't comparing I was just remarking what a killer deal that is. Especially the way you take care of your skis. That pair you sold to me I couldn't even tell they were used darn things look brand new! M skied exactly as you describe them. The M powers you are selling are worth any $800 ski on the market
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Well I would say the M-Power are in the same condition as the skis I sold you...


p.s. How do you like your r-power so far? 

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I will join in the chorus of happy customers:  @mogsie sells really nice skis, in very good condition.   If you're remotely in the market for a ski like these, there's no way to go wrong at that price.


The only reason I don't grab them is I already bought the 8.5 M-power from him, a few months back.   That was a killer deal, and it wasn't this good.

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Hum... should I open a "barely used ski shop"? I still have enough skis to do so...:D

Wait! The phone is ringing... It's the bank calling..."Calm down mogsie! Calm down and take a deep breath..."

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New price! 245$

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I'll take them as long as they include the bindings! 

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That is a screaming deal 

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Wow on that deal at $245 !

Could this be  Mogsie in disguise spreading ski-joy to all ?

All I know is that when I get my butt to Tremblant, I will track him down and ply him with beer & cheer for the great deals he has sent my way !



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No this is not me...my ski poles are black and I don't ski backseat...but I sure could use a beer!:D

As Santa, I announce that the snow is coming in the east ... And everyone knows that Santa Claus is always right!

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Me to his used Skis are impeccable. He absolutely takes pride in his equipment.
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I do! Thanks Levy!


They are sold!

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Finally the deal of the century gets done somebody received an early Christmas present
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