Saddleback 2016

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There will be breaks in my teaching schedule at Smugglers' Notch, Vermont, and during one of them, I'll be at Saddleback. Please let me know when there will be a gathering at Saddleback - I just love the vibe there!

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Well, do you have 3 million bucks on hand? Because if you do, we can start planning.
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I don't buy that. He's been trying to sell that place for at least a few years. If he shuts it down for a season, he'll take a worse bath than if he keeps it open and eats any losses. I don't believe he's about to shut down for lack of that money. Also, I've been in touch with people up there, and it seems that he may have some people/companies who may team up to do something - one theory is that they'll put in the new lift now, and the other is that they'll buy it now and put in the new lift after the season.  I don't think that the new lift would necessarily change the financial viability of the place. If I were a Mainiac, I'd be pushing to form a cooperative to own and run the place, as Mad River Glen in Vermont has done. I'm expecting to ski there this coming season - but if not, I'll just stay at Smuggs and taste MRG and surrounding areas.

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Part of the problem it seems is that it is not a he, but a they making the decision.  I imagine the lifts will end up turning this winter, but perhaps only on a Friday to Monday except vacation week basis.

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It's their property, and they can shoot themselves in the foot any way they want.

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From what I've been hearing, the well heeled members of the family trust that owns the area don't all care as much about the money as about selling to a buyer that will be environmentally friendly and who will maintain the current character of the area. Also based on what I've heard, they lifts may or may not turn this season on an every day basis - or at all. However, sooner or later, they may start caring about the money enough to compromise more than they have. Or not. I don't know what it's like to have that much money.