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Heard on the radio the other day...

A blonde was flying Cattle (Economy) Class from New York to London. She got on board, but just after take off, got out of her seat and moved forward to First Class.
A stewardess went over to her, and asked her to move back to Economy.
She refused.
The purser went over to her and explained that she had to move back to Economy.
She replied, "I'm blonde, I'm great-looking, I have a perfect figure. I'm not moving back"
The purser was perplexed, so he went to speak to the captain.
The captain said "No problem. Leave it to me. My wife is blonde"
He went to where she was sitting and whispered in her ear. Immediately she got up and moved back to Economy.
The purser was amazed at this, and asked the captain what he had said.
"Simple," he replied, "I told her First Class wasn't going to London"


P.S. Also heard this one: "What I'm looking for is a busty blonde with poor eyesight and low expectations"