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Mounting question: Where should I mount my 11 yr. olds ski bindings?

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My 11 year old daughter is skiing 50/50 park/ all mountain. She is learning a variety of spins, rails, and beginning to hit the larger features. She continues to ski all mountain with me, including steeps and tight trees. My question is where should I mount her skis. I can center mount them and they will probably work all mountain, but is this the best option?
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Center mount is best for park.  Easier to center balance on rails and get weighting right on spins.  (more natural feeling than typical binding more rearward mount)


However doubt it would be very detrimental for all mountain skiing (she should lose some edge hold and stability, but no big deal), others might be able to chime in here.


I'm more an all mountain skier that likes to hit park jumps, my mount is more geared for regular skiing as that's what I do the majority of the time.....and I just deal with the additional compensations when I'm throwing 3s/540s or whatever else in the park.

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I know that some accomplished park skiers, ski all-mountain on center mount skis. At her age and ability, I wonder if there is some compromise that would be preferable to either traditional mount points and a center mount, and if so, where would that be given the ski length and age of the skier.

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How long are the skis?  That's definitely going to help determine how far, if at all, you're going to want to mount the bindings back from center.


As mentioned, center mounting is the best for park.  Very few serious park skiers don't mount their skis true center.  Is she relatively light weight?  Part of the downside of skiing center mounted skis around the whole mountain is the tips tend to dive in soft snow much more easily than traditional mounting.  If she's pretty light weight that wouldn't be as big of a concern.


Tight trees and moguls will be slightly more difficult on a center mounted ski as well.  Having extra long tails behind you means you have to put that much more effort into getting them to swing around.  In moguls some people find the tail of the ski ends up contacting the mogul behind you, but typically that's only true on skis in the 170cm+ range.


As far as groomers, whether steep or not, I'd steer you towards center mounting.  Park skiing is essentially groomer skiing, so the more comfortable she is skiing any groomed slopes on her skis, the more comfortable she'll be when she gets into the park.


I would recommend not going more than 2cm back from center.  If they're pretty short skis, maybe just 1cm.  I don't think center mounting them will significantly decrease her ability all mountain.  Mounting traditional, or even close to traditional, however, will significantly decrease her ability in the park.  


Hopefully that makes sense and helps with your decision making.

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Sounds like pretty solid advice. She's 4'5", 65lbs. The skis are 129cm, K2 shredditor 75's. Not sure where the recommended mount point is but the skis are billed all-mountain/freestyle for what its worth. I suppose learning how to ski pow at a center mount might not be all bad anyway for a girl who is interested in tricking it up.

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At her height and weight, I think I'd lean towards center mounting.  Dimensions on those skis are 102-75-96, which is pretty close to symmetrical.  They should ski really well center mounted.  At most I would go 1cm back from true center, but no more than that.

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