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Boots: Fischer Ranger 12 vs. Atomic Waymaker Carbon 110X

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Hello All,


I'm in the market for new boots.  I've had the same boots for about 15 years now, which, I guess was fine most of the time, but I live 5 minutes from a ski resort now, and can actually afford to ski on regular basis, so I'm looking to put in many more days on the slopes this year (and did so last year too).


Anyway, I got big feet, and I'm a big guy (6'3", 300lbs., kind of bear-shaped).  My instep is somewhat high, feet are about proportional in width.  Very thick calves.  I would say I'm an advanced skier, not an expert.  I prefer black diamonds, trees, steeps, but moguls tend to give me trouble.  I'm thinking I want something on the stiffer side, as my weight really bends the crap out of everything I ride.  What feels stiff to a 175lb skier, just kind of blows in the breeze for me.


So, there are some good deals online on the Fischer Ranger 12 and also on the Atomic Waymaker Carbon 110x.  Anyone have any feedback on these?  Or a preference?  I did a little ski hiking last year, and will probably go a couple times this year, so I like that they both have the walk/ski switch. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I don't know what the flex rating is on the Fischer, but I know the Atomic boot because we sell them where I work. It is not stiff enough for you. You probably need something like a 130 depending on the manufacturer.

That said, have you tried either of these boots on? If not, how do you know they'll fit? Since you live near a ski area, there ought to be a boot fitter nearby and that is who you need to see, not the interwebz. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology, then check the "Who's Who" to see if there is a fitter listed near you. If there is, call and make an appointment. If there isn't, tell us where you are and someone will be able to recommend a good fitter.
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these are 2 completely different boots in fit technology, even though they're the same in freeride/freestyle..


Fischer ranger 12 is a vacuum boot where you need to partner or go to a place where they will form them for you.  Not sure how pleasant the shop will be if you bring in a boot you bought on the internet.

I don't know much about the atomic but it appears to be traditional and not fancy vacu or formed shell.



I have the ranger boot, you can search on fischer vacuum in general to read reviews.  But because of the walk/hike mode, it's going to be a softer boot then traditional. As the naysayers describe, because of walk/hike mode, it has "a broken spine".   so not nearly going to be adequete if you're a racer needing precision and making high g changes.  



I don't think any boot that has a walk/hike and promoted as freestyle is going to maintain good flex stiffness for you, if that is your key attribute you are looking for.  My understanding of freestyle is you're supposed to go with the flow stay balanced on your skis and not fight the snow, so the boots cushion/shock absorb for you and have more flex then a more racy boot.


Additionally, despite the marketting saying not temperature sensitive; this is applicable only for the fit, the plastic isn't swelling or shrinking.  However the flex is still temperature sensitive, meaning if you skied tahoe in the last 2years, it will feel even more soft flexy in the warm weather, and you feel you might need to be like the ski racers and pack your boots in the snow.


Since it formed to your foot, this is greatly beneficial in terms of fit, but the flex softness may or may not be beneficial or not to you depending on your ski style.

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