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Trade me? Kneissl GS (2012) for carver

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Gang, I have a barely used pair of Kneissl White Stars (182cm r=23m) that I don't imagine I'll be able to use this year.  Mrs. AlbuquerqueDan and I are expecting our first kiddo in December (YAY!!!) so the forecast for my days on snow looks bleak (BOO!!!).  Those days that I do get out, I'll probably be at my local mountain (Sandia), which is just not built for these skis.  I'm looking for a pair of carvers, maybe something in the 175cm r=14 zone.  They're mounted with old, but totally sound, Rossi 155s (BSL = 327) and the matching plate.  I'd do the trade with or without the bindings.  Anyone interested?


As for these skis, I've literally skied them three days, only one of which was a full day.  I've hand-tuned the side edges and they're set at 3 degrees.  There's plenty of edge left, seeing as I only set them, and then touched them up once, with a 600 grit diamond and some polishing stones. The bases have been waxed, Waxed, WAXED and don't have a scratch on them.  I don't know what the factory base bevel is, but I think it's 1. 


How do they ski?  Like a dream.  Even for FIS-spec GS they're stiff, but with a supple tip that can be shaped by a strong skier. They are damp and have a tail that won't give up.  They were plenty of ski for me and I'm 6'2" 185 and have some, but not much, race training.  They're a hoot, just like all super-high-quality GS sticks.


Here are some photos:







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No interest?

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How about a pair of Fischer Hole WC SL's in 165?

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Fischer SLs?  Interesting...  They would be fun on my local hill.  Are yours in good shape?  What's their history?


Also, I'm assuming you don't want the bindings (which would make it easier to ship).  Right?

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I bought them used from a Master's racer in excellent condition with bindings.   They're 2009 model with a plate and serious bindings (i'll check the model) 63mm under foot, radius is unpublished, but mostly likely 13 or less.


I'd want the bindings with the Kneisels.  I'm not sure I want to do this trade, because I love the Fishcers, but it would be fun to have GS skis for a season or two as well.

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I hear you about not necessarily wanting to trade.  I love my Knessles, too!  (I'm just not sure that I'll even get on them this upcoming winter).  We'll both think on it, eh?

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Yeah and if you're interested I'll take pictures.  I just went and looked at them.  The bindings look a bit beat up, but are in fine shape, just cosmetic.  Topsheets along the edges same thing, because I also hand tuned them and did some sidewall planning.  Plenty of edge left.  Bases look excellent.


The skis are a bit heavy, but have great grip.  

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Sure, might as well post photos. What are the bindings?  (the Rossies are beat up, too, but totally functional).

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Pretty skis.

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