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FS: 186 Rossi S3

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Selling a pair of 186 S3's. Super playful skis that kill it in trees and bumps. They're also really good on groomers, all things considered. I'll get pics up soon.


The good: Topsheets and edges are in great shape. As they were part of a quiver, these only have about 20-25 days on them, some of which were spent shredding the magic carpet with my kids, so they have tons of life left. They've never seen a rail, have  never been ground, and have been waxed a ton.


The bad: 2 mounts, both for a 315 BSL. One for a solly driver on the line and one for a large EPF Marker tour at +2. There's also a tiny shot on one ski and a larger (1/4" x 1 1/2") shot on the other ski. Both have been filled with ptex 'cause I was too lazy to bring them to the shop. The core has never been exposed once filled.


Asking $215 shipped to the CONUS. Paypal gift or you pay fees. 

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