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Slow 'n steady

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So I'm in the market for a second pair of skis to complement my Hell 'n Backs.  The Hellens seems to do well in everything except deeper heavy wetter snow and I saw people rippin it so I know there are skis (or skiers?) better suited for the conditions...guessing something that will keep me closer to the surface would be the thing.


As I'm shopping I see a lot of 'if you charge hard and fast this is the ski for you'.  Well I don't charge hard and fast, preferring a slower steadier route down challenging terrain.  Any recommendations for my boring (yet strangely satisfying) style?  I'm 5' 10" 180lbs and the 177 Hellens are a pretty good fit for what they do.

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I don't know about skis, exactly (though why not?), but heavy and deep is conquerable through technique.

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ON3P Billy Goats will do what you want and I would recommend the 184. The ski has quite a bit of rocker and skis much shorter than the measured length. I first skied it at Copper Mountain during the SIA demos and it was pretty amazing. It handled fairly hard groomers extremely well for a 114mm ski and it was very quick for a ski that size. Check the ON3P website for demos and see if there's one in CO coming up in early season. I know a vetersn ski patroller who won't ski anything else.
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