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Salomon MTN Explore AT boots specs

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I have a legit interest in these boots for several reasons:  Like the construction, weight, lock-up, low volume last, boot sole and flex.


Feel kind of soft in the house, fit is good with stock liner...probably great with Intuition Pro Tour...range of motion is incredible though.


Here's the problem...web site says Flex110...but the 2 pair that I ordered, and sent back, have a spine imprint indicating Flex100.


Salomon customer service is no help. Does anybody know anything about these boots?


I did take some measurements for all those interested:


Mondo 27.5 = BSL 311

Shell weight + 1173g

Liner weight =   324 g


Total = 1497g or 3.3 lbs   Not bad


Thanks, Kevin

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So if they came with a decal that said 110 you'd be happy?  Why?


There is no standardization in the industry at all.  Garmont has a boot called the Delirium that is a 130 and flexes the same as some 100s I sell.  The numbers are completely meaningless.


Customer service is no help because there is nothing they can do.  They can't tell you if it really is a 100 or a 110 because the numbers have no meaning.  So there is no way to decide anything.


You need to put the boot on and decide if you like the flex.  If you do buy it and forget the number.  If you don't, look elsewhere.  If you do but can't get past the number try a Sharpie.



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if you want a stiffer version try the Mtn Lab, not quite as light but a decent 120 flex, on the other hand if it is just the number and not the feel stick with the Explore

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Thanks Lou...sounds a little snarky;)  Actually I understand that flex descriptions are fairly arbitrary....I guess I should have been more precise and asked if anybody has any knowledge that the manufacturer has decided to tone this boot down a bit.  There are quite a few different photos of spine "decals" ranging from nothing to 100 to 110. 


I have checked out the lab version too...might be a bit tight for me at 98.


On a slightly different note, I find it difficult to judge boot flex in a shop at room temperature. I guess nothing beats the demo. BTW, do they make a white sharpie?:)


Thanks, Kevin

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